Half-dressed lady boards bus in Delhi, passengers call police

- April 19, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

According to the transport department officials, the woman, who was wearing only undergarments, boarded the bus from the Punjabi Bagh bus stop

(Photo: Pixabay)

A partially dressed woman caused a stir on Wednesday when she boarded a crowded cluster bus in Delhi, prompting the crew and passengers to contact the police.

Transport department officials stated that the woman, dressed only in undergarments, got on the bus at the Punjabi Bagh bus stop.

“The woman boarded the bus under circumstances that drew objections from both the crew and passengers, leading someone to call the PCR. After approximately 10 minutes, she disembarked,” said a transport department official.

A video capturing the incident quickly spread across social media. In the 12-second footage filmed by a passenger, the woman is seen standing near the door as some female passengers move away.

Another official mentioned that objections were raised by passengers after the woman boarded the bus.

“The driver attempted to communicate with her, but she did not respond. According to the driver, she appeared disoriented. Following passengers’ protest and a call to the police, she left the bus,” the official added.

A Delhi police officer commented, “We received a PCR call on Wednesday. Subsequently, a team was dispatched to the location; however, by the time they arrived, the woman had already departed. We are currently investigating the matter further.” (With inputs from PTI)