Income certificate for EWS category to only be issued online: Delhi govt

- August 7, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Income and asset certificates are key documents for people from EWS to get admission in schools, universities and for other purposes

The Delhi government has introduced a new online facility to obtain income and asset certificates for individuals belonging to the Economically Weaker Section (EWS).

These certificates are essential for EWS individuals to gain admission to schools, universities, and other purposes. The decision was officially notified on August 1, stating that the issuance of these certificates will now be exclusively through the online mode, eliminating the need to visit the sub divisional magistrate’s office.

The notification emphasises that all concerned sub divisional magistrates, who act as the issuing authority, have been informed about the launch of the “Income and Assets Certificate for Economically Weaker Section” service on the e-district portal. From now on, these certificates will be issued solely through the online platform.

However, the notification also clarifies that applications submitted before the introduction of the online service will still be processed manually. The certificate issuing authority will handle pending manual applications according to the prescribed timeline.

To be eligible for reservation in jobs and academic institutions under the EWS category, applicants must have a gross annual income of Rs 8 lakh or less.

This move by the Delhi government aims to streamline the process of obtaining income and asset certificates for EWS individuals and make it more convenient and accessible through the online mode. (With inputs from PTI)