Delhi Celebrates Yoga Day with Enthusiasm

- June 21, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The national capital witnessed a widespread celebration of Yoga Day, as a record number of participants gathered with immense enthusiasm. From schools and offices to colleges, the community came together to showcase its fervour for this occasion

Led by local yoga instructors, these sessions witnessed a significant surge in attendance compared to their regular classes.

Yoga Day celebrations in the Capital were a tremendous success, as a large number of enthusiastic participants gathered to commemorate the occasion on Wednesday. Community yoga sessions saw extensive involvement from schools, offices, and colleges, demonstrating the city’s unwavering zeal for this event.

The essence of “Yoga se hi hoga” (Yoga is the way) and “Karo Yoga raho Niroga” (Practice Yoga, stay healthy) echoed throughout Delhi today.

As individuals gracefully performed various asanas and yoga positions, their eyes radiated with a sense of national pride, acknowledging that Yoga originated in their own land and has now garnered worldwide acceptance. These celebrations instilled hope that the people of India will continue to uphold the legacy of Yoga in the years ahead.

The festivities at Kartavya Path commenced with a digital address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and concluded with the rendition of the national anthem. Participants of all age groups congregated at Kartavya Path, with a notable presence of enthusiastic youth from Delhi. The event was meticulously organised with heavy security arrangements in place. Witnessing a multitude of people practicing Yoga on well-arranged yoga mats was a remarkable sight that showcased India’s growing influence.

Residents from various Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) in Delhi and NCR also celebrated International Yoga Day in nearby gardens and parks. Led by local yoga instructors, these sessions witnessed a significant surge in attendance compared to their regular classes.

“Typically, we have around 70-80 people participating in our morning Yoga sessions. However, on International Yoga Day, we had around 300 participants,” A K Kaushik, Yoga Instructor and former NTPC Ltd official said. “This increase in numbers reflects the escalating interest in yoga and its positive impact on physical and mental well-being,” he added.

Conducted amid tranquil natural surroundings, the yoga sessions included traditional asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques. Participants of all skill levels, ranging from beginners to experienced practitioners, wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to the practice, seeking inner harmony and balance.

Kaushik is optimistic that approximately 20% of the new participants will continue practicing yoga regularly, indicating a promising trend for the future.

“The enthusiastic response underscores the collective aspiration for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle,” he added.

(With inputs from Uthara UR)