PWD to prune trees affecting traffic in Delhi

- September 21, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The engineer-in-chief of Delhi's Public Works Department (PWD) has directed all divisions to complete civil and beautification work, including pruning trees and fixing potholes, by September 30

The Delhi government’s Public Works Department (PWD) has issued an order to trim trees in order to improve traffic flow in lanes.

This decision comes after previous instructions to prune trees during the G20 Summit were not effectively implemented.

The PWD Minister, Atishi, emphasised that the beautification of Delhi will continue beyond the summit. The department emphasized zero tolerance for negligence and scheduled inspections starting from October 1.

The order states that substantial tree pruning is needed on all PWD roads in Delhi to optimise traffic lanes. It also calls for expedited removal of trees obstructing traffic and pedestrian movement on PWD roads.

Additionally, officials are instructed to ensure the trimming of hedges and side plants to prescribed heights, leveling of manholes and slabs, filling of potholes, installation of kerb stones, and removal of unnecessary fixtures, poles, and old concrete mixtures on footpaths.

All divisions have been directed to complete these tasks by September 30, with a dedicated team at the PWD headquarters monitoring progress.

Superintending engineers and chief engineers are required to conduct random daily inspections and document their observations using an e-monitoring app. (With inputs from PTI)