“Schoolchildren will teach people to be happy”, says Atishi Marlena

- March 30, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Atishi discussed the responsibilities of teachers and administrators and highlighted the role of Happiness Curriculum and emphasised on the importance of mindfulness

Atishi Singh

According to Education Minister Atishi Marlena on Thursday, students in Delhi government schools would carry out the Happiness Curriculum’s activities in the community and family and instruct people on how to be joyful through mindfulness.

At an event hosted by the Education Department at Thyagaraj Stadium, she spoke to teachers, principals, and happiness coordinators from Delhi government schools.

She talked about the duties of teachers and administrators and emphasised the importance of mindfulness and the Happiness Curriculum in Delhi government schools’ entire teaching and learning process.

“The Happiness Curriculum has taught our schoolchildren to become better human beings. Now, after its success in schools, the government will take it to society and people as well, where schoolchildren will teach people to be happy through important components of the Happiness Curriculum such as mindfulness,” she said.

Noting that children attending government schools experience several social and familial difficulties, she claimed that in this situation, when the school day begins with mindfulness, all of the children’s stress is lifted, and they are better prepared to learn.

She claimed that as part of the Happiness Curriculum, mindfulness has a positive impact on children as well as instructors’ stress levels.

She stated that the Happiness Curriculum, which assists children from the nursery to recognise their abilities and understand themselves well from a young age so that they can face the challenges of life with confidence, was initiated by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and former education minister Manish Sisodia in Delhi government schools.

“The Happiness Class has taught Delhi government schoolchildren to become better humans and responsible citizens, and the role of our teachers in this has also been important,” Atishi said.

(With inputs from PTI)