Task force to be set up to examine health of trees: NDMC vice chairman

- July 28, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

According to the New Delhi Municipal Corporation's vice chairman Satish Upadhyay, a task force will be established to monitor the health of the trees in Lutyens' Delhi and to make sure that the roads are promptly cleared whenever trees are uprooted after a storm or heavy rain

The civic organization that is conducting a tree census within its purview will also geotag 1.08 lakh trees in Lutyens’ Delhi, as stated by Upadhyay. A proposal in this regard was also approved by the NDMC Council on Wednesday.

Upadhyay stated that the decision to create a task force was made following the storm in May that caused several trees in the NDMC area to be uprooted. It had taken a long time to clear the debris from the roadways because there were so many departments involved.

He said that the work gets delayed due to the multiplicity of departments.

In May, a storm uprooted hundreds of trees and also led to the falling of thousands of branches in the New Delhi area.

The task team will include representatives from the relevant departments, including horticulture, engineering, and sanitation. In the event that trees are uprooted, it will guarantee that their debris would be collected first.

Upadhyay added that the task force will routinely inspect trees in NDMC area and examine their health, soil and pruning status.

The NDMC is determined to geo-tag all trees in its area for better monitoring and maintenance of trees.

NDMC officials said that there are around 1.08 lakh trees in NDMC area and the geo-tagging will not only help the stakeholders to keep a record of the trees but also take corrective steps.

“Through geo-tagging, we will be able to effectively monitor our trees regularly as each tree will have a its identification number. We will be able to understand trees health in a better way and also know more about heritage trees in the region,” Upadhyay stated.

As per a survey held by the NDMC in 2021, Lutyens’ Delhi area has lost as many as 1,813 trees since 2015.

It stated that out of 1,813 trees, 559 were uprooted, 783 were dead and dry while 424 were cut down for construction activities between 2015-16 and 2021-22.

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