Traders’ body appeal DMRC to withdraw order allowing commuters to carry liquor in trains

- July 31, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Delhi Metro on July 28 tweeted that each commuter may carry up to two sealed alcohol bottles in its premises

A traders’ body has recently appealed to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to reconsider its decision of allowing commuters to carry two sealed liquor bottles inside Delhi Metro trains.

The Chamber of Trade and Industry (CTI) expressed concerns about potential anti-social activities that might increase if liquor is permitted on the trains.

The CTI plans to meet DMRC chief Vikas Kumar to discuss the issue further.

In a letter addressed to the DMRC’s Managing Director, Vikas Kumar, CTI Chairman Brijesh Goyal urged the DMRC to withdraw the permission for carrying liquor bottles, citing potential difficulties in monitoring and controlling passengers who might open and consume the alcohol during their commute.

The CTI Women’s Council president, Malvika Sahni, claimed that she has received calls and messages from several women expressing their disapproval of allowing bottled liquor on the Metro.

The DMRC had previously announced the permission in June, allowing commuters to carry two sealed bottles of alcohol per person, with the exception of the Airport Express Line.

However, the decision faced criticism from the Excise Department of the city government, which pointed out that it goes against the Excise Act, permitting the carrying of only one sealed bottle of liquor between states.

The Metro network connects Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh, each with its own excise policy. The traders’ body believes that the decision should be reversed to avoid potential violations of the Excise Act.

As of now, the DMRC has not issued any statements in response to the appeal made by the traders’ body, and it remains to be seen how the matter will be resolved. (With inputs from PTI)