Zomato to set up ‘Rest Points’ for delivery workers

- February 16, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Rest Points offer clean drinking water, phone-charging stations, access to washrooms, high-speed internet, a 24 7 helpdesk and first-aid support

Photo: Unsplash

Food tech-giant Zomato announced on Thursday that it is constructing what it calls “Rest Points,” a type of public infrastructure, to support the gig economy as a whole and the delivery partners of different businesses.

Deepinder Goyal, the company’s founder and CEO, stated in a blog post that it already operates two “Rest Stations” in Gurgaon and wants to add more rest points in its food delivery business’s densest population centres.

Rest Points provide access to restrooms, clean drinking water, phone charging stations, high-speed internet, a 24 hour help desk, and first aid assistance.

However, Goyal withheld information regarding the number or location of these Rest Points.

“We recognise that delivery partners face multiple challenges while on the job, from navigating through traffic to delivering orders in inclement weather conditions.

“In line with our commitment to their welfare, we are delighted to announce The Shelter Project under which we have started building public infrastructure (called Rest Points) to support the entire gig economy and delivery partners of various companies,” Goyal said in the blog post.

“We believe that by providing a space for all delivery partners to rest, recharge, and take a moment for themselves, we can create a better environment that promotes their physical and mental health,” Goyal further noted.

According to a research by the government think tank NITI Aayog, 77 lakh people in India were working in the gig economy in 2020–21, and by 2029–30, 2.35 crore people were predicted to be employed in this sector.

Delivery boys, housekeepers, consultants, bloggers, etc. are all employed outside of the usual employer-employee relationship and confront a variety of issues relating to social security, gratuities, minimum wage protection, and working hours.

(From PTI)