MCD orders 37,484 chairs, 6,246 desks for 800 schools

- September 22, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

This marks the "first time" that desks and chairs will be made available for nursery-level children, as per a statement issued by the mayor's office

In a bid to enhance infrastructure within its schools, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has taken a significant step by placing an order for 37,484 chairs and 6,246 desks, according to a senior official’s announcement on Thursday.

Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi conducted an inspection of the newly installed desks at Nigam Pratibha Vidyalaya Saraswati Vihar in the Keshavpuram Zone of the MCD on the same day. She underscored the commitment to provide desk and chair facilities in all schools under MCD jurisdiction.

This marks the “first time” that desks and chairs will be made available for nursery-level children, as per a statement issued by the mayor’s office.

The order comprises a total of 37,484 chairs and 6,246 desks, aimed at benefiting 800 MCD-managed schools.

During her visit, Mayor Oberoi encountered protests from a group of Delhi BJP councillors and workers from the Keshavpuram Zone, led by Virender Goel.

Shikha Bhardwaj, a local councillor from the BJP, voiced her protest during the mayor’s visit, alleging that she had not received an invitation to participate.

The Delhi BJP, in an official statement, further alleged that the mayor was attempting to mislead the public by claiming that desks were being provided to nursery students for the first time, despite the fact that this particular school is already considered one of the best MCD-run schools, complete with an auditorium facility.

The mayor’s office, in response, clarified that orders for 287 cupboards and 287 racks have also been issued, with installation set to occur in a phased manner. This initiative is expected to be completed by October, ensuring that children will no longer have to sit on the floor within MCD schools, as per the statement.

The statement concluded by asserting that even after governing the MCD for 15 years, the BJP has failed to provide basic tables and chairs for children across all schools, as claimed.

(With PTI inputs)