Delhi Heatwave: Top 5 summer superfoods to beat the heat and prevent heatstroke

- May 30, 2024
| By : Tanisha Mendirata |

With mercury reaching unprecedented levels, time to consider superfoods that will help ward off the ill-effects of extreme Delhi heatwave

Barley Water

Delhi Heatwave: Delhi residents are on high alert to protect themselves from the unrelenting sun as this summer’s intense heat sweeps the city. After Wednesday’s record high of 52.3°C, it is crucial to discover the efficient methods for preventing heatstroke and preserving health.

Including summer superfoods in regular meals is more important than ever with these extreme weather patterns. Let’s explore how these marvels of nature may provide respite and nourishment during the scorching Delhi summer, acting as nature’s best defence against heatstroke.

1. Sabudana: Packed with carbohydrates and providing rapid energy, Sabudana is a great way to fight heatstroke-induced tiredness. Its easy digestion minimises gastrointestinal discomfort and promotes hydration and replenishment. Its cooling qualities help to maintain body temperature.

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2. Sabja Seeds: Packed with vital nutrients such as fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, these little powerhouses are supercharged. When soaked, they take on a gel-like consistency that aids in maintaining bodily fluids during heatstroke. Furthermore, they relieve internal heat due to their cooling properties, which lowers the chance of heat-related illnesses.

3. Tragacanth Gum: Known for its ability to cool, tragacanth gum is helpful in cases of heatstroke. It helps to relieve discomfort and encourage hydration by forming a calming gel in the stomach after consumption. Due to its gastrointestinal-supporting qualities, its demulcent properties also make it a helpful treatment for digestive problems exacerbated by hot temperatures.

Patriot consulted Nutritionist Dt. Deepika Anand to gain more insight about the topic during this Delhi heatwave.

“As a certified dietician, I heartily advise including tragacanth gum in your diet, particularly in the sweltering summer months. It is an effective tool for preventing heatstroke and easing the discomfort brought on by high temperatures because of its cooling qualities and capacity to form a calming gel in the stomach,” says Dt. Anand.

“Furthermore, its calming properties promote digestive health by relieving digestive problems exacerbated by the heat. During the warmer months, adding tragacanth gum to a balanced diet can assist hydration and general well-being”.

4. Barley Water: Barley water is a natural coolant that has been shown to help regulate body temperature. It helps keep you hydrated in hot weather by replacing electrolytes lost through perspiration. Barley water, which is high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, is a great addition to summer meals since it helps with digestion and overall well-being.

5. Gond Katira: With its remarkable health-promoting qualities, Gond Katira has become a summertime staple. In addition to soothing the stomach, it strengthens bones and relieves discomfort in the body.

Renowned dietitian Sahil Sharma confirms its importance, and said, “Gond Katira is a natural way to keep your gut healthy and strengthen your bones, so it’s a great addition to summer diet plans.”

Its numerous advantages highlight how crucial it is for fostering overall well-being in the hot months.