Celebrating Moms: A Heartwarming Tribute to Motherhood

- May 12, 2024
| By : Tanisha Saxena |

The Young FICCI Ladies Organisation (YFLO), Delhi, hosted a memorable event titled ‘Celebrating Moms: Embracing the Magic of Motherhood’

Actors Sharmila Tagore and her granddaughter Sara Ali Khan at "Celebrating Moms: Embracing the Magic of Motherhood event

Members of YFLO, Delhi, along with their mothers, were welcomed at the event to celebrate the essence of motherhood. Attendees were treated to an array of heartwarming moments and captivating stories that highlighted the unparalleled bond between mothers and their children.

The event’s focus was on the insightful narratives shared by actors Sharmila Tagore and her granddaughter Sara Ali Khan. Both shared their pathbreaking experiences and celebrated the joys and challenges of motherhood, deeply moving the audience.

Reflecting on the event, Payal Kanodia, Chairperson of YFLO, Delhi, said, “Celebrating Moms’ was an ode to the unconditional love and sacrifices of mothers everywhere. It was a privilege to host such an inspiring event and witness the power of motherhood firsthand.”

Tagore, renowned actor and mother, shared, “Motherhood is a journey filled with profound moments of joy and growth. It was heartening to see so many mothers and daughters come together to celebrate this beautiful bond.”

When asked about the influence of technology on motherhood compared to her own experience, Tagore responded, “Having witnessed motherhood firsthand, I can attest to the profound impact that technology has had on the experience. Back when I was raising my children, cellphones and advanced tech were not as prevalent as they are today. Nowadays, whether I’m shooting on a set or away from home, I’m always just a phone call away from kids. This constant connectivity has completely changed the dynamics of parenting, allowing me to stay informed and involved in my children’s lives no matter where I am. It’s truly remarkable how much tech has reshaped the way we navigate motherhood.”

Her granddaughter Khan said, “Motherhood is the true meaning of love and selflessness. Events like these remind us of the strength and resilience inherent in every mother.”

When asked about her understanding of motherhood over the years, Khan said, “Motherhood is undeniably a crucial and intrinsic aspect of every woman’s life. Each story is unique, and I firmly believe that, over time, the dynamics of these relationships have evolved. While maintaining respect, I have a very contemporary relationship with my mother and grandmother. Our culture remains intact, but the changes that occur with time are fascinating. ‘Madi Maa’ and ‘Aradhana’ are my favourite films on motherhood.”

The event left attendees with memories and a renewed appreciation for the magic of motherhood.