Old ‘Farzi’; new offerings 

After winning hearts with their unique style and dishes, the Farzi cafe is introducing a new menu with amalgamated flavours from across the country, so we gave it a shot 

All Delhiites are well familiar with the high energy that Farzi café offers. Keeping with its Farzi style, they have revamped their menu which is an amalgamation of North Indian classic cuisine, global influences and popular regional ingredients with flavours from across India.

The thing with such a popular bar is that changes to anything could be tricky. Their menu is a good balance of new elements from across the country along with some all time favourites of Delhittes. 

The selection focuses on bringing food from popular destinations around India to the forefront, while keeping signature innovative, playfulness or Farzification by way of presentation and surprise elements to evoke excitement from guests and provide a new culinary experience.

We started with the Sweet potato Chaat which mind you was very different from the regular chaat we are used to having on the streets. Adding a Farzi touch to it, this one is well marinated with a lot of spices and then baked. 

Next we were served the Jitooni Paneer Tikka. This spicy, soft and fresh tikka was served in a crescent shaped serve ware making it look interesting. The paneer goes well with the raita served with it.

Jitooni Paneer Tikka

This was followed by the Rock Prawns Thecha. This popular Maharashtrian dish comes with a good dose of green chillies. The prawns were fresh, well marinated making every bite spicy and full of flavours, making it a must have.

The Soufflé Mutton Seekh however didn’t impress much. This one was very much like a regular seekh kebab, with an attempt to make it interesting by adding a soft fluffy egg on top. 

Soufflé mutton sheekh

The next one won us over. The Chicken Candy, literally served like a candy, tasted as good as it looks. Served on a base of Gondhoraaj sauce, it added to the flavour of the dish, elevating the taste by miles. Crispy on the outside, it is filled with creamy chicken that mixes well with the sauce. This one takes you right back to your childhood. 

Also known for its cocktails, Farzi café didn’t disappoint us at all . The starters compliments their new cocktails, Coffee House and Tricky Tiki both of which have a very distinct taste. 

Chicken Candy


The Coffee House as the name suggests, is basically a mix of homemade coffee liqueur and Bourbon. This one packs quite a punch with its strong smell and taste of coffee and would be a delight for coffee lovers.

The Tricky Tiki on the other hand has a very mild flavour which makes it quite pleasant. This gin based cocktail has camomile and a distinct citrusy taste which helps in downing your food easily. 

Moving to the main course, we tried the Exotic Mushroom Gassi with Ajwaini Lachha Paratha. While we couldn’t really find anything ‘exotic’ in this, it was a decent dish. The mushrooms were the right amount of spicy and the curry goes well with the paratha. 

Next we had their Chicken Cafriyal with garlic naan. This green spice preparation from Goa, tasted just like it should. The chicken was well marinated and it’s perfect for those who love a good quotient of spice in their food. The naan complimented the chicken well. 

We ended our main course with their Lotus Root Kofta and Lachha Paratha. We couldn’t really identify the exact taste of what we were having  and this one did not appeal to us at all. 

Coconut and jaggery brûlée

Ending our meal with desserts, we were served their Yuzu Malai with pistachio crumbs. This Japanese inspired dessert was like a brulee and not too sweet. 

The Coconut and Jaggery Payasam was served interestingly with the Payasam poured on top of the baked dessert. 

Address – Farzi café, Connaught Place

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