Oriental Duck Festival: A feast for the palate

- January 3, 2024
| By : Ahona Sengupta |

The ambiance, with its Buddhist-inspired decor, makes the experience even more authentic

Braised Duck in Exotic Veg

Chowman, which originated in Kolkata over a decade ago, has made its mark as a spot for lovers of oriental cuisine in Delhi. Its expansive menu that has visitors drooling adds to its culinary panorama. 

With the onset of winter, it has introduced the Oriental Duck Festival — the waterfowl being a cherished ingredient in oriental cuisine.

From traditional preparations to contemporary twists, the festival menu offers a tantalising array of duck dishes that left us eager to explore the depths of flavour. 

Butter Chilli Garlic Duck Meat and Egg Noodles

The ongoing festival consists of delectable delicacies such as Duck Meat Soup with Oyster Mushroom, followed by some unique appetisers like Duck Meat Bao, Crispy Fried Duck Triangles, Thai Style Aromatic Duck, and Mongolian Chilli Duck. 

For the main course, indulge in rich dishes such as Roasted Mango Duck in Lemon Sauce, Spicy Duck in Garlic Sauce, Cantonese Style Roasted Duck with Scallions, Roasted Duck in Bamboo Shoot, and a filling platter of Butter Chilli Garlic Duck Meat Noodles, Pan Fried Duck Noodles, Duck Meat Egg Meifoon, and Roasted Duck Fried Rice.

The presentation was impeccable, with the duck skin achieving perfect crispiness, and the dish accompanied by delicate pancakes and a medley of fresh vegetables. The aromatic infusion of spices hinted at Chowman’s dedication to preserving the essence of Oriental culinary traditions.

Duck Meat Soup with Oyster Mushroom

The clay pot duck roast, marinated with a harmonious blend of five spices, offered a delightful symphony of sweet, savoury, and aromatic notes. Each bite was a testament to the culinary expertise that defines Chowman’s menu.

The rich and aromatic curry, generously laden with tender pieces of duck, immersed us in a sensory journey through the culinary landscapes of Southeast Asia. The bold flavours and creamy texture highlighted the versatility of duck as an ingredient.

The festival menu also featured an inventive rendition of the classic spring roll—Duck Spring Rolls. The crispy exterior encapsulated a filling of finely shredded duck, vegetables, and aromatic spices. This appetiser served as a delightful prelude to the array of duck-centric main courses.

Butter Garlic Duck Meat and egg Noodles

Upon entering Chowman in Delhi, patrons are greeted by an ambiance that seamlessly blends Oriental elegance with a touch of tranquility. The decor, heavily influenced by Buddhist aesthetics, transports diners to a serene and contemplative space. The use of warm earth tones, traditional artifacts, and subtle lighting creates an atmosphere that complements the restaurant’s commitment to an authentic dining experience.

The dining area is thoughtfully designed to reflect the simplicity and elegance associated with Buddhist-inspired spaces. The attention to detail is evident, making it clear that Chowman has not only mastered the culinary art but has also curated an environment that enhances the overall dining journey.

Mongolian Chilli Roasted Duck

Speaking on the occasion, founder and music artist Debaditya Chaudhury said, “I started Duck Festival back in 2011 just to give people a taste of the new. But today, I feel very proud to say that Chowman’s duck festival has really become a mandate for the foodies and we are excited to introduce our speciality food festival to our patrons in Delhi NCR. This year, I have brought in very interesting new dishes inspired from my recent tour to China and the neighbouring regions. From soups to starters and main course dishes, each recipe has been developed by our team of chefs over a month-long effort and I am hopeful, our new inclusions are surely going to leave a mark this time!”

Chowman’s roots trace back to the vibrant city of Kolkata, where it has established itself as a culinary institution renowned for its authentic Oriental fare. The restaurant has garnered a loyal following over the years, earning acclaim for its commitment to quality, innovative dishes, and a dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

The establishment’s success in Kolkata paved the way for its expansion, bringing the flavours of the Orient to discerning palates in Delhi.

Duck Spring Rolls

The festival concludes on January 12 in all of its four outlets — East of Kailash, Noida Sector-18, Indirapuram and Pitampura.