Teaching the art of making pizzas

- May 17, 2024
| By : Idrees Bukhtiyar |

The restaurant, ‘Leo’s at 621’, is offering master classes for pizza making with owner-cum-Head Chef guiding participants in a three-hour-long process

OWNER: Head Chef Amol Kumar says he wants to inform people about the rich history of pizza

A Delhi-based restaurant is garnering love from pizza enthusiasts as it has started master classes and do-it-yourself (DIY) sessions for pizza lovers who want to dwell into the science of pizza making and learning this new skill.

‘Leo’s at 621’ restaurant in Delhi is renowned for its exquisite pizzas, earning a spot in the top 50 pizzerias worldwide. After making its mark as the most loved pizzeria in Delhi, Leo’s came up with an exciting and fun space for pizza enthusiasts by introducing the first-ever pizza lab in the country.

“There are monthly sessions open to pizza enthusiasts and anyone can sign up for it by reaching out to the team. Once you’ve signed up, it’s a three-hour session conducted by owner and chef Amol Kumar who takes you through with step-by-step guide. This is completely a unique concept in India and happening for the first time,” the restaurant management said.

The master classes begin with a welcome drink. 

“It is followed by an introduction of chef Amol and the guests. Participants are then introduced to Alla Pala pizza and explained how it is different from a Neapolitan pizza. Live demonstration of bread and pizza making by the master Pizzaiolo (pizza chef) Amol and tasting of bread and pizza follows. The guests then open their own dough ball, shape it and put the ‘pala’ for the first bake. After the first bake, guests get to do the toppings and put the pizza for a second bake. Slicing of pizza is done after it is finally out of oven,” said Head Chef Saurabh.     

PLACE TO BE: The ‘Leo’s at 621’ restaurant is located in Ghitorni

‘Leo’s at 621’ is an innovative culinary concept that aims to revolutionise the pizza experience for food lovers across the city.

Chef Amol Kumar, founder of the restaurant, said that they invite people to ‘Leo’s at 621’ to not just taste, but also understand the craftsmanship behind every slice.

“We aim to inform and educate pizza enthusiasts about its rich history, tracing back to its inception, and delve into the science behind its creation,” he said. 

The brand combines the traditional art of pizza-making with modern culinary experimentation and customisation, offering customers a personalised and interactive dining experience. 

“Leo’s Neapolitan-style pizzas are made with the finest imported ingredients from Italy, including ripe tomatoes and premium meats, to ensure high quality and unbeatable flavour. The team follows traditional Italian techniques and precise processes, achieving an authentic product that is airy and flavourful,” he said. 

“The dough is prepared a day in advance, undergoing a meticulous fermentation process for 18 hours, followed by a 4-hour pre-ferment and an additional four hours of rest before baking. This ensures the perfect texture, crunch and taste in every bite,” Amol said.

Leo’s is a brand that embodies a seven-year journey dedicated to perfecting the art of pizza-making. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to get your hands dirty with a new skill and join a welcoming community of fellow food enthusiasts. Furthermore, the space also provides a dining experience with live music on the weekends, creating the perfect ambience for a romantic candlelit dinner or a relaxed evening with friends. 

“Whether you’re seeking a memorable date night or a chill gathering, ‘Leo’s at 621’ offers a blend of engaging experiences, authentic flavours and an inviting atmosphere,” the restaurant management added.