A confluence of illusions

- April 22, 2022
| By : Judith Mariya Antony |

Celebrating 15 years of art practices, Gallery Art Positive presents ‘A Pilgrim’s Progress’, a solo show by award-winning origami artist and sculptor Ankon Mitra

Ankhon Mitra with one of his installations

The show curated by Uma Nair bridges spirituality and materiality. The installation gives a deeper meaning to all things encouraged by the artist’s personal experiences.

The exhibition reflects 15 years of Mitra’s art career, unveiling the uses of 15 diverse materials. The suite of 22 new works creates a mosaic of geometry, balancing spiritual and material components.

“It’s an unravelling of high-intensity spatial formulations that will invite a confluence of illusions as well as alluring responses from viewers. The show has a series of installations that ripple like patterns crystallised in prismatic poise. From a fruit in tangerine mango tones to a Forest Peacock lit up with lithe lines in the tensile folds, each work is a beauty to behold”, says the curator.

Mitra’s work reflects intense conversations between folds and materials. He uses steel, aluminium, banana silk, stoneware ceramics, resin and many other materials as his medium. He also includes several art historical movements associated with origami in his latest collection.


Mitra has also been twice awarded the Lucca Biennale Outdoor Artists’ Prize, Italy and had two important participations with installations at the CODA Museum Biennale, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands (2021) and The India Pavilion at the London Design Biennale (2021).


The thicket of narrow verticals and zigzagging diagonals laid over the matrix shake the tension between overload geometries. The installations were specifically designed for the floor plan of the Bikaner house, embracing the elegance of each material. It celebrates the tenets of space, time and light woven into the installations unfolding from the ceiling.

The exhibition will be on display at the Art Gallery, Bikaner House till 5 May.

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