A symphony of colours to enrich lives

- November 26, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Colour Symphony, an art show with workshop sessions, will focus on promoting mental healing and recovery from traumatic stress by embracing the right set of colours 

Colour Symphony is a unique solo exhibit, a showcase of semi-abstract artworks, intricately designed by colour therapist and artist Bharti Sharma to help people connect with their own personal energy, feel the vibrations and bring change in their lives by embracing the right colour.  

“Colours are everywhere. It’s all about your energy that connects with a certain colour or few colours more over others in the palette. Colours bring harmony and peace, promote growth of positive cells in the human body, calm your mind and soul. The vast array of colour choices we see, observe and feel every day makes us breathe life,” says Bharti. 

Each piece of art will have a concept and description of how people can connect with the energies. 

“Colour therapy, as most might have heard, felt or even experienced, helps in finding the right balance of colours in the body to elevate your sense of feeling, which is the very reason why you call grey as gloomy, or sunshine yellow as bright, green as peaceful and blue as the very space in which we co-exist. When you choose the right colour according to your personality type and aura, it defines you in a way, while helping you align with the universal energies. Colours not just work as therapeutic healing mechanisms, but do wonders on people suffering from ailments or experiencing productive thought barriers and negative experiences in life,” she explains. 

The artist also emphasised on the importance of VIBGYOR, the colours of the rainbow. 

“Art as a medium and colours as the tool work in harmony to create synergies that help you feel the positive reverberations within, every time you look at a piece of art. Colours also empower chakras within our bodies and VIBGYOR is deeply rooted within our human system to promote harmony and balance. An excess or even lack of a single colour in your system, if not integrated into the right proportions can create an emotional disturbance, confusion and delusional state of mind,” she says further. 

The art show welcomes people from all backgrounds, especially doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, students of medicine, people working in the business of colours, architects and children. 

The artist says that solutions to most of the problems [of people] regarding mental stress and emotional disturbances can be found, during interactive expert speaker sessions to be presented by Roger Gopaul, who is also the High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Dr Binod Kumar, retired professor and coordinator of behavioural sciences, IIM Kolkata and ex-president of Mental Health Foundation, India.

Gopaul is the chief guest of honour while Kumar is the guest of honour. Both will speak at the inauguration of the event. 

The workshop sessions will focus on how colour therapy works: how you can meditate with colours, why playing with colours is important for mental well-being, how you can become healthy by including the right colour of foods in your daily diet, how you can explore your connection with colours and the environment among other things. 


When: 26 November – 1 December

Where: AIFACS Gallery B, 1 Rafi Marg