Aarohanam – Steps of discovery

- September 26, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Her performance 'Aarohanam' , will begin with the Khandam (5 beat cycle) Alarippu, a humble offering to God

Anandita Narayanan

Anandita Narayanan, a disciple of renowned dancer Geeta Chandran, will present a solo Bharatanatyam performance on September 30 at the Chinmaya Mission Auditorium.

Her performance ‘Aarohanam’ , will begin with the Khandam (5 beat cycle) Alarippu, a humble offering to God. It will be followed by a Sankeerna (9 beat cycle) Jatiswaram in the beautiful Purvi Kalyani ragam – a purely rhythmic piece that captivates the senses.

“Aarohanam has been an incredible journey of learning, filled with countless discoveries that have helped her evolve both as a dancer and an individual. This journey has brought her closer to herself and deepened her connection with her rhythms, allowing her to reach new heights,” she says.

Anandita has been learning Bharatanatyam under Geeta Chandran’s tutelage at Natya Vriksha since the age of eight. As a child she always enjoyed dancing and wanted to explore more, and her journey began… For Anandita, Natya Vriksha has been her second home since 2010

She has been a recipient of national scholarship under the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, since 2014. This gave her opportunities to perform at various prestigious events across the country over the past eight years

“Dancing, to me, is a doorway to a world of my creative expression. Every aspect of dance, from its rhythm and symmetry, to its melody and movement, brings immense joy to me. Dance rejuvenates me. I am constantly learning to experiment with choreography and slowly learning to connect with the dance’s musicality, and I realize that this adds a new dimension to my abhinaya, she says.

“The heart of my Aarohanam will be the soulful Vanajaksha Varnam in the enchanting Bihag Rag. This piece beautifully describes the mesmerizing beauty of Lord Krishna, with lyrics that evoke admiration and surrender. Following this melodious Varnam, I will perform a Mira Bhajan titled ‘Baso More Nainan Me’. In this bhajan, Mirabai expresses her unwavering devotion to her beloved Lord Gopala, who she says not only serves as a friend to his devotees but also bestows eternal happiness upon saints. To conclude Aarohanam, I will present a Tillana in the Ragam Hindolam, invoking Lord Shiva—the divine Lord of Dance,” she adds.

When: 6pm onwards, September 30

Where: Chinmaya Mission Auditorium