Affordable Art Fair

- September 16, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

Artists will have the opportunity to showcase their paintings, wall art, sculptures, and more

Gallery ACF (Art Culture Festival) is hosting a new group exhibition ‘Affordable Art Fair’ featuring artworks of young and emerging artists from September 16 to 18, 2023.

The exhibition embodies the gallery’s mission to celebrate the wealth and variety of artistic visions emerging from talents across the nation.

The group show features works across the broad artistic spectrum: from paintings to sculptures to digital art and mixed media. There are artworks in the exhibition that borrow inspiration from Bhim Betka Rock Shelter, snow-laden landscapes, and stories from cities, among others.

Talking about the exhibition’s framework, curator Shruti Kalsi says, “We are excited to present ‘Affordable Art Fair,’ an exhibition that shines a spotlight on the brilliance and artistry of both local and unique talents in India. This collection vividly reflects the vibrancy of cultures and artistic perspectives, and we hope it ignites meaningful conversations and connections within our community. It also serves as a launchpad for budding artists exploring the art world.”

The participating artists are Anjali Khousakaul, Dishant Leelwan, Vibhuti Mahajan, Nidhi Patankar, Mohan Singh Shyam, Shweta Singh, Anirudh Kumar, Puja Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Rupa Khandelwal, Sonia Ambwani, Rajani Arya, Dr Sudha Kumari.

Along with the artworks, Gallery ACF will also have a variety of stalls representing different cultures.

When: September 16 – 18

Where: Gallery ACF, Defence Colony