An artist’s debut on stage

- August 30, 2022
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

Noor Kaur Chopra, a 19-year-old seasoned dancer, will present intricate Kuchipudi moves and skills that she has learnt over the last twelve years

Noor completed her school education at The Shri Ram School.

A young dancer will make her debut in ‘Rangapravesam’ – a Kuchipudi event that lasts for about three to four hours – with a solo performance.

Noor Kaur Chopra, a 19-year-old trained dancer, will present intricate Kuchipudi moves and skills that she has learnt over the last twelve years, training under legendary “Gurus Padma Bhushan” Drs. Raja Radha Reddy and Kaushalya Reddy.

Rangapravesam’, which means “ascending to the stage, is a full-length dance performance. It is usually sung alone, even though it can also be a duet show. It is akin to a graduation in that it marks the transition from a student to a full-fledged dancer and includes expression through facial and hand gestures, rhythmic movements, and narrative telling.

The term “ranga” denotes “stage” and “pravesham” means “entry”. Performing the Rangapravesham is an age-old tradition for classical Indian dance forms and refers to the “graduation ceremony” where the Guru presents his pupil to the public.

The longest dance in a rangapravesam is called a tarangam, and it comprises a theatrical section and a segment in which the dancer must balance on a metal plate. The final dance is typically the Thillana, which consists primarily of rhythmic motions and fast-paced dances.

Sequence of Programs

SHREE VENKATESHWARA STOTHRAM : It is customary to commence a dance recital with a prayer to the gods.

DASHAVATARA : Dashavtara refers to the avatars of Lord Vishnu, the Hindu God of preservation who descends in the form of an avatar to restore cosmic order.

TARANA: Taranna is a Hindustani musical item, a composition of Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar. Raja and Radha Reddy choreographed this item in the Kuchipudi classical dance style.

CHAAP TILAK : Chaap Tilak Sab Chheeni is a poem composed by Amir Khusro, a 14th century Sufi mystic, in Hindawi.

TARANGAM: Tarangam marks the culmination of a traditional Kuchipudi recital. It is in praise of Lord Krishna.

Noor owes her dedication to dance to her Gurus, who have over the years patiently and untiringly guided and chiseled her efforts, shaping her into the dancer she is today and making her a part of the classical tradition of Kuchipudi.

Teaching her discipline, focus and poise, Kuchipudi has inculcated in her own unique expression, along with grit, grace and passion. She completed her school education at The Shri Ram School, Moulsari, and is currently studying Economics at UCL, London.

Date: Thursday, 08th September, 2022

Timings: 7:30 pm onwards

Venue: Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi.