Colourful palette of a shared heritage

- April 17, 2022
| By : Judith Mariya Antony |

Celebrating the Indo-French cultural connection, Art Alive Gallery presents a tripartite show featuring Sakthi Burman, Maite Delteil and Maya Burman in partnership with Institut Français India

Life is a theatre by Sakti Burman

The multilateral show features the works of artists who share cultural heritage of French and Indian roots. As part of the 20-year celebration of Art Alive, the exhibition pays tribute to the master artists Burman and Delteil, with the legacy taken forward by their daughter Maya.

Burman’s ‘Life is a theatre’ showcases his recent works  where he employs humour to create  his own fantasy world where life imitates theatre. His works reflect the unique combination of Indian and French culture and the connection between two countries through poetic charm. Burman’s characters inhabit a fantasy world. 

Life is a theatre by Sakti Burman

‘The Garden of  My Soul’, by Delteil is a reminiscence of her roots. The visual vocabulary of her works includes nature, flora and fauna with a sweet charm. Being away from her native place for the past two years brought her close to her origins through art. She explores her joyful past through her colourful palette. 

Blossom by Maite Delteil

“Maya approaches life through the registers of the game, the feast, and the dance. Maya portrays the protagonists of her paintings in postures of heightened play: Leisure as a form of gracefully slowed down athleticism” says Curatorial Advisor Ranjit Hoskote

Games of life by Maya Burman

Her watercolour and ink paintings titled ‘Game of life’ evokes a sense of exuberance. With metaphorical characters and  imaginative presence she creates a dream world. Her work is a reminder of happy times that provides joy and hope to the viewer. 

The exhibition will be on display at Bikaner House till 22 April.

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