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Sculpting glass

What: Providing a glimpse into the wide repertoire that artist Hemi Bawa has established in her career of more than five decades, ‘Bodies of Light’ is a compilation of her artworks. The exhibition offers an opportunity for audiences to encounter elements of her eclectic journey, focusing on her commitment to material exploration and articulating the integral possibilities of light and space within her work. The exhibition attempts to build a dialogue between different aspects of her practice, linking her continued engagement with glass as a medium, with her painting and mixed media practices. A significant series of works in cast glass are part of the show, showcasing Hemi Bawa’s intrinsic understanding of the multifaceted nature of the medium. The exhibition also features sculptures from her Lockdown series- Crushed Glass Torso Installation – “Nowhere to Go” and  “Clock with Topsy Turvy Time”.  

When: 22 November-15 January 

Where: Website of Artspeaks


Sikh heritage

What: Highlighting the cultural nuances of Sikhism, celebrating the lives of the Sikh people, their festivals, and rituals, artist Harshdeep Kaur’s exhibition ‘Engaging with the Ultimate’ is now open on Guru Nanak Jayanti. Khalsas wearing kesari turbans; engaged in meditation, working the fields or as horse riding soldiers, skilled in warfare have left a lasting impression on the artist. Her works reveal vignettes of Sikh heritage found in its distinctive socio-cultural and visual identity – manifesting a lived faith pictorially. Also exploring natural landscapes in her work, it features silent spaces marked by the absence of humans, where it is the trees, birds, lakes and waters that suggest a narrative of peace and calm.

When: 30 November – 8 December

Where: Aparna Art Gallery, Siri Fort Institutional Area


Celebrating abilities

What: Serendipity Arts Foundation is all set to launch a new digital art outreach initiative: SA Virtual. Given stringent advisories on travel and public gatherings by governments across the world, from the early quarter of 2020, the physical edition of the Serendipity Arts Festival stands postponed. The SA Virtual will turn to the internet as a site in order to forge meaningful artistic collaborations that are hinged on the innovative integration of the arts and the digital space, aiming to foster an increasingly open and accessible arts community. SA Virtual will feature curated projects, performances, workshops, talks, engagement-based initiatives and discourse around the arts. Some of the curators whose projects will feature as part of SA Virtual are Amitesh Grover, Anuja Ghosalkarand Kai Tuchmann, Lina Vincent and artistic collaborator Akshay Mahajan, Mandeep Raikhy, Veeranganakumari Solanki, Siddhant Shah and more. All of the featured curators have approached the mandate of curating for an internet-based audience by transcending the traditional silos between artistic disciplines.

When: 4 -21 November 

Where: Website of Serendipity Art Virtual

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