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From the archives

What: An exhibition of archival portraits of leading Indian classical artists taken during live performances, ‘Aks–e–Mausiqui’ (Shadow of Music) is now on display. Captured by Rakesh Sinha from Lucknow, the exhibition features a collection of archival/heritage portraits of leading Indian classical dancers and musicians taken at their live performances. These 16×20 inch bromide photographs capture the myriad moods and emotions of the artists as they immerse themselves in their art forms. Often intimate and personal, the photographs capture forever a moment in time. A self-taught photographer, Rakesh Sinha has been photographing performances of not just dancers and musicians but also that of theatre and literature personalities for over four decades.

When: February 15 -28

Where: Website of India International Centre


Joint venture

What: Presented jointly by Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai; Experimenter, Kolkata; Nature Morte and Vadehra Art Gallery, On | Site is a collaborative project organised by four leading galleries of the country. Situating distinct programmes defined by the identities of each of these galleries, this project brings together some of the most crucial practices in contemporary art in the region. As part of this, an endeavour focused on presenting critical art practices by important South Asian contemporary artists as we embrace a physical return to celebrated cultural institutions such as Bikaner House in New Delhi, Vadehra Art Gallery is thrilled to present Memory Keepers, featuring oil paintings by Atul Dodiya, a comprehensive set of works by Pritzker prize-winning architect B.V. Doshi and a series of new paintings by Arpita Singh. As a joint presentation between Vadehra Art Gallery and Chemould Prescott Road, Shilpa Gupta will intervene minimally and thoughtfully with recently developed works, which delve into distance, mobility and confinement that surfaced through the last year.

When: March 3-9

Where: Bikaner House, New Delhi


Vivid hues

What: Gallery Nvya presents Bahaar: Paintings of Lal Bahadur Singh which showcase the artist’s recent works. His paintings celebrate the journey of societal evolution from an agrarian culture to a modernized state, centring on the indispensable relationship shared by humans with elements of nature. Painted in bright yet lyrical variegated hues, coalesced with delicately rendered intricate patterns, the paintings are aesthetically pleasing, displaying the rudimental elements of nature and rural life, which are pictured as symbolic motifs. The frequently encountered stylised representations of cows, trees and birds in Lal Bahadur’s paintings are emblematic in nature yet rooted with a strong indigenous essence, marked by their folksy treatment. They celebrate the joy, festivities and struggles of village life.

When: February 10 – March 15 (11 am – 7 pm)

Where: Gallery Nvya, Saket


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