Exhibition: Abstract Alchemy – A fusion of form and colour

- May 31, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Experience the "Abstract Alchemy: A Fusion of Form and Colour" exhibition at Rang Mirage Art Gallery from May 31 to June 25, 2024

Artwork by Renu Jain

Rang Mirage Art Gallery is opening its latest exhibition, “Abstract Alchemy: A Fusion of Form and Color”, on May 31, running through June 25, 2024. This showcase explores the realm of abstraction, featuring works by both emerging and experienced artists.

Visitors will encounter a variety of artworks demonstrating the power of colour and form. Vibrant hues dance across canvases, inviting contemplation and introspection. This collection aims to stir the imagination and ignite a sense of wonder, transforming any space into a sanctuary of artistic expression.

At the heart of “Abstract Alchemy” is the idea of fusing form and colour to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Similar to how alchemists tried to turn base elements into gold, these artists use the basic elements of art to create experiences that resonate emotionally.

Adhvika Agarwal, the founder of Rang Mirage Art Gallery, says, “Our artists explore the interplay between form and colour, using their combined power to evoke a range of emotions and ideas. Through their diverse styles and approaches, they invite viewers to engage with each piece on a personal and interpretive level, going beyond literal representation.”

The exhibition features works by esteemed artists such as Bipin Roy, Bhola Rana, Deepak Sonar, Mahesh Karambele, Vivek Nimbolkar, Kishor Roy, Renu Jain, Gopal Namjoshi, and Rajesh Baderia. Each artist brings a unique perspective to the fusion of form and colour, enriching the tapestry of abstract art.

When: May 31 to June June 25

Where: Rang Mirage Art Gallery A – 58, Central Avenue, Gate No 1, Sainik Farms, New Delhi