Exhibition: Minimal aesthetics of Japanese printing

- June 19, 2022
| By : Judith Mariya Antony |

Gallery Espace presents Nandini Bagla Chirimar’s solo online exhibition of Japanese woodblock papier colle, ‘Within Four Walls’

'Within four walls' by Nandita (Photo: Gallery Espace)

It is a new body of work developed by Chirimar, and originated from Paula Sengupta’s curatorial work. In these artworks, she has used architectural lines to create a 12*15 woodblock print. While working with the physical lines, she realised that there are unknown spaces of history, emotions and several unwritten or unsaid feelings.

This series of 11 Japanese woodblock print collages are recomposed fragments of sparse, carefully delineated spaces within the interiors of a household. “I am interested in physical spaces created by architecture, and also the “unwritten spaces”, which exist along with concrete floor plans and objects. These could be in the form of abstract configurations of the walls, historical remnants, or undefined spaces created by emotions within the walls”, says Nandini.

Her multi-layered process is an enactment of the act of looking. Each print consists of elements that turn a house into a home, which is revealed through close and careful observation.

In the featured works, she breaks down by cutting and pasting new layers to create more fantasy and imagination. This breakdown creates a movement from certainty to uncertainty that creates a gap in the speculative connections a viewer can make.

The process of creating these prints involves only three materials and the ancient Japanese woodblock technique called mokuhanga. First, the drawing is made and it is transferred into the wood. It is then carved out using Japanese tools and then printed by hand. Black is the only colour used, which is then reconfigured. The essence of these works opens up traditionally enclosed spaces as environments imprinted upon by social and emotional interactions.

Where: Gallery Espace
When: Till 15 July

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