Exhibition: Time Capsules

- July 27, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The upcoming group exhibition will challenge the boundaries of time and human senses.

“Time as a concept in our understanding, is continuous and sequential from second to minutes, morning to evening, day to months, and youth to age”, says Shruti Ramlingaiah, curator of the group exhibition titled ‘In a blink of an eye’.

The show considers the states of transcending into sleep and being awake as a metaphor to reflect on time as extended, indefinite and a non-consecutive happening, event, and passage. Ramlingaiah adds, “The transitions seem short-lived in an individual’s ever-shifting thoughts, between collapse and rise, or the apprehensions of prolonged hardships, and the crumbling state of affairs around. How do we make sense of reality, then?”

Each artist featured in this exhibition explores the human state of being in the process of transition between reality and the unfamiliar, through their artistic practice and approaches.

When: 30 July to 10 September, 11 am to 8 pm

Where: Gallery Dot Walk

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