Festival of Hope

- January 16, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The Festival of Hope Foundation has been promoting cancer awareness across Delhi NCR

To honour the strength and spirit of cancer warriors, the 16th season of the Festival of Hope is scheduled for February 4, 2024, at The Grand Hyatt Gurgaon.

The Festival of Hope Foundation has been promoting cancer awareness across Delhi NCR via health camps, events, etc. They also host an annual fundraiser that supports the treatment of a few children fighting cancer.

The efforts of leaders of hope to instill wisdom and encouragement foster optimism and inspiration for a better future. Sonali Gupta, Dr Anjali Hooda, Dr Sameer Gupta, Dr Sonia Lal Gupta, Celebrity Fitness Expert Kitty Kalra, TEDx Speaker and influencer Harpreet Suri, Executive Director of PVR INOX Ltd. Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Managing Editor Chaiti Narula, and Influencer Kaniz Rabbi, and many others will support the cause.

“Extremely grateful to all who continuously support us. Especially our health partners this season, the Metro hospitals have graciously offered to treat a few patients pro bono,” says Shalini Vig, founder of the Festival of Hope Foundation.

“It’s such a beautiful cause to be associated with, and I’m honoured to dress the Leaders of Hope this season,” commented the designer on board, Sahil Kochhar.

Dr Sameer Gupta (Director – Metro Group of Hospitals) mentioned, “As we come together to honour strength and resilience, let’s cherish the understanding that every little contribution matters. Our combined actions today sow the seeds of hope for a healthier tomorrow. Cancer, often discussed yet least understood, takes the spotlight on this occasion, emphasizing not only the significance of awareness but also how society, united, can support those deprived of treatment due to financial constraints or lack of awareness.”

“The Festival of Hope is a beacon of support, uniting us all in the fight against this formidable adversary. Metro Group of Hospitals shares the same ethos when it comes to treating cancer patients. We take pride in being part of this cause. Together, with Metro’s commitment to providing pro bono treatment, we aim to make a significant impact, inspiring resilience, and paving the way for a brighter future.” says Dr Sonia Lal Gupta said.

When: The Festival of Hope, Season 16

Where: The Grand Hyatt Gurgaon