Hymn of the River Cities

- September 23, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Jehangir Art Gallery presents the phenomenal work of Uma Shankar Shah and Seema Sharma Shah, evoking the centuries-old heritage of Hindu and Buddhist mythologies

The artists depict the image of nature and Hindu mythologies, appealing for the preservation of cultural heritage of Nepal.

Two Nepalese artists — Uma Shankar Shah and Seema Sharma Shah — will bring together the serenity of spiritual cities through a series of prints and oil paintings in their exhibition ‘Hymn of the River Cities’.

The exhibition offers a unique multitude of artworks around Hindu and Buddhist mythologies that include artworks in Hindu temples and Buddhist stupas and pagodas.

One of the most prominent and widely-exhibited artists in Nepal, Uma’s works are modernist renditions of the forms and contents of early Nepali religious and folk arts.

They depict the image of nature and Hindu mythologies, appealing for the preservation of cultural heritage of Nepal. His cityscapes have myriad faces of the city abstracted and merged together in a symphonic form.

In this exhibition, his works bring an air of mysticism, and religious and folk culture done intricately and painstakingly over two different mediums — bringing forth the Hindu and Buddhist heritage of Nepal through art.

His co-exhibitor and one of the finest contemporary print makers in South Asia, Dr Seema brings her unique artistic contemplations on Banaras, the city she was born in.

At the exhibition, she will showcase her recent work on the city of Banaras, where she was raised in and remembers fondly. The ghats, temples, boats, sacred waters of Ganges and the spiritual skyline of Varanasi come alive in exhilarating detail in her works.

Despite having an immensely rich play of intricate and diverse shapes, forms, her works are equally enriched by the well matched juxtaposition of colours. She has mastered the innovative multi coloured print making technique known as “Viscosity Print Making” which incorporates the principles of both relief print making and intaglio.

Where: Jehangir Art Gallery
When: 26 September – 2 October, 2022, from 11AM – 7PM

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