Of beans and brew: Creativity with Coffee

- October 20, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Beyond the aromatic world of coffee exists a sphere of painting that replenishes one’s soul. While a kick-shot of caffeine can titillate the olfactory senses, the colours of coffee can create painting for sore eyes

Jaipur-based artist Nidhi Bharti merges the two worlds of coffee because the aroma and colours of coffee and its variants (both Indian and international), the different roasts, go beyond just savouring the beverage in itself. In her paintings, she experiments with the unique tones and colour profiles of coffee.

Nidhi, who graduated in Fine Arts from the Rajasthan University in 1991-92,  has practiced different mediums of art before being wooed by the aroma, and enamoured by the earthy tones of the scented bean.

Landscapes, natural organic colours from leaves and flowers, and earthy tones fascinate and pique Nidhi’s curiosity. Coffee painting, being made with organic coffee, needs no chemical to preserve the artwork for years.

She first started practicing coffee painting with the daily Nescafe a decade ago, and in these 10 years, her work has traveled across various cities and countries.

Nidhi believes that coffee painting is slowly gaining popularity and prominence in India owing to the generalized notion in people’s minds of viewing the aromatic beans as only a brewed beverage and nothing beyond.

To her credit, her painting was selected by the Jaipur Art Summit for their exhibition in Seoul, South Korea in 2018. Besides, apart from solo exhibitions in Jaipur, her work was on display at Jaipur kala mahotsav in 2017-18, Art Fiesta -Jaipur in 2018, Indian Art Festival -Delhi and Mumbai, and World Art Dubai.

Through her artistic creations, Nidhi aims to propagate coffee painting, bring the earthy tones of coffee to life, propel the reach of coffee painting across continents, gain social acceptance, achieve artistic prominence and appreciation for the art form.

When: 27-31 October, 2022

Where: Open Palm Court, Habitat, New Delhi