The Power of Manifestation—What it is and how to begin with it the right way!

- October 20, 2022
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

Manifesting a good career, relationship, money and more!

Whether it is self-help books, pep talks or motivational speeches, mention of ‘Manifestation’, ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Affirmations’ are terms which have become common currency. The idea is that our thoughts, beliefs and desires, help us live the life we want and bring us closer to our goals.

Obviously, the process is not as simple as it sounds, nor is it easy to adopt. Can one manifest everything under the sun? Here is how it works.


Manifestation is all about materializing our thoughts and imagination to bring them into actual reality. The concept is based on the belief that whatever you feel, whatever you put your trust in, will come to you in your life at the right time.

In simpler terms, Manifestation means making one’s desires come true and consciously choosing to believe in the concept.

Sindhu, a Manifestation life coach, believes that our ‘thoughts become things’. He says, “At the core of the whole process is the faith and surety one puts in the higher power, the universe, and themselves that they can get whatever they want at the right time.”

Manifestation works on the idea that if we think and live in a certain way, we attract similar experiences. A research led by Berkeley Well-Being Institute emphasised on this point and theorized that believing you can do something makes it more likely that you will actually do that thing.

Isha Tripathi, a Manifestation coach, says, “Our mindset plays an important role and drives us to work towards our goals. When you think from a certain state of consciousness, all your feelings, actions, and words become the result of the state of mind you are in and this helps in manifesting your desires.” Calling it a journey of self-awakening, self-growth and realization, she suggests people invest their will and time in something positive.

Manifestation is a holistic approach to growth and goal setting and the psychology behind it is based on positive thinking, positive action,  habitual actions,  visualization and Law of Attraction, i.e., you attract what you want.

How it’s done

Turn inwards and validate your own self: This is the foremost step for anyone who’s just starting to manifest. It is ideal for a person to go small and steady with what they want and then build upon it.

Being clear with your goals and motives, defining them well, writing them down, working towards them, and being grateful for what you have is crucial in the art of manifesting. Sindhu suggests, “I  highly recommend the 17-Second Manifestation Rule by Abraham Hicks where you pay uninterrupted attention to a situation or thought for 17 seconds on a regular basis.” This method is very helpful for beginners who can’t concentrate on a thought for large amounts of time.

There are other various other techniques such as Law of Assumption, Visualization, Affirmations, Vision Boards, Scripting, Manifestation games, etc. that one can use to attract and activate what they want.

Power of thought

Experts believe that one can manifest anything and everything they want as long as one is doing it for oneself and not others.

Isha comments, “You can align your reality with whatever you imagine and see with your mind’s eye. Our imagination is limitless as we can literally imagine and bring anything to life. One can manifest it all—success, failure, happiness, misery, love, and even money.” To the mind, everything is possible and all one needs is a shift in the state of mind and to start thinking consciously.

In the same vein, Sindhu says, “This world is a reflection of us and the awareness we are carrying within.” However, she concludes that one can’t manifest things for another person without their consent and they can only attract things that they want in their life.

Stay calm

During Manifestation, you bring your dream or goal into a state of reality and so there’s no point in getting impatient or constantly thinking: “Why isn’t xyz thing here yet?” or “Why haven’t I got it yet?” What you want has already happened in your imagination and you are living in a state of wish fulfillment.

The Berkeley Institute emphasizes, “To manifest what we want, we need to believe we can do it, feel strongly enough about it to be persistent, and ultimately engage in the behaviour that brings about the outcomes we desire.”

So one should remain calm, positive, and patient, and take a step of faith and trust in the unseen. The person manifesting should leave it to the universe to achieve what they want and continue believing in the power of their thoughts.


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