Play: The quest for happiness

- July 31, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Directed by Ashraf Ali, the play Khushi ki Hamari Dard Bhari Talash nudges us to search for answers in simple things of life

Written by Surendra Verma, the play is a mirror to modern love and relationships and revolves around the story of Mohit and Tarang. Having lost in love, Mohit is on his way to destroy himself the Devdas way, but he gathers himself together. He somehow manages to earn enough money to build a Centre for ‘Devdases’ of the world to become a productive member of society, get married and begin a new life. 

Then he bumps into Tarang who was well-placed in life but was about to commit suicide due to a failed love affair. Mohit succeeds in persuading her to live, hope and build a new life. 

Both fall in love with each other and start living together. Over a period of time, Tarang again gets restless. She comes to the conclusion that she is not happy. According to the Happiness Index, the numero uno happy country in the world is Finland: so she’d would move to Finland to be happy! Just to prove her wrong without telling so, Mohit decides to shift to the African Burrundi: the unhappiest country in the world. 

After a series of dramatic happenings, Tarang realizes that Mohit is her true anchor in love and life. Both return to India and restart their blissful second inning.


Where: LTG Auditorium, Mandi House

When: 6 August


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