Roots- Art from the tribal heartland of India

- January 24, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Artists from four central Indian tribes will be featured: the Baiga, the Mandavi, the Pardhan Gond, and the Rajwar

The Visual Arts Gallery at India Habitat Centre is gearing up to host a distinctive cultural exposition, as the forthcoming art exhibition and book launch, Roots- Art from the Tribal Heartland of India, takes centre stage from February 2 to 14 between 11 am and 8 pm.

Curated by Alka Pande and Mitchell Crites, the exhibition showcases the vibrant visual expressions of the Adivasis, with featured artists including Faguni Bai Baiga, Jangarh Singh Shyam, and other talents from the Baiga, Mandavi, Pardhan Gond, and Rajwar tribes.

Roots is not just an exhibition but a cultural odyssey into the dreams, aspirations, legends, and wisdom inherent in the minds of India’s indigenous people—the Adivasi. Authored by Nada Chaldecott, Mitchell Shelby Crites, Aurogeeta Das, Rob Dean, Stephen Huyler, Thalia Kennedy, Minhazz Majumdar, Ameeta Nanji, Alka Pande, and Nimish Swami, the accompanying book explores the profound value of tribal art and culture.

The exhibition, through both visual and literary elements, unveils narratives that were previously silenced, presenting a parallel universe that coexists with our own. Roots showcases the Adivasi understanding of sustainable living on our planet, offering a newfound confidence and awareness.

The exhibition features 24 artists who boldly share their visions, transcending traditional boundaries in the process. The artworks explore new pigments, surfaces, and insights into ancient cultures, encouraging viewers to meticulously examine each line, dot, stroke, and whimsical detail.

Accompanied by contributions from ten authors, each a scholar or specialist offering a deep understanding of Adivasi art and culture, it promises an unparalleled sensory experience that transcends time and tradition.

When: 11 am to 8 pm; February 2 -14

Where: Visual Arts Gallery,  India Habitat Centre, New Delhi