The ethos of Bengali art

- July 15, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Gallerie Splash presents a solo exhibition of paintings by Lalu Prasad Shaw titled ‘Masterly Manoeuvring’, which will feature multidisciplinary works by the artist about life in Bengal and various political notion

The artworks created by Shaw give an insight into the artist’s professional life and artistic journey as he represents his ideology of Nationalism through his romance with Bengali culture.

The show’s curator Manmeet K Walia says, “Capturing the cultural essence of the traditional art form of West Bengal, Kalighat Pat, and reimagining it, Shaw drifts away from the conventional story-telling and narrates his deep-rooted association with Kolkata. The history and creative passion in West Bengal are impregnated with culture and colours, and Shaw portrays that fervour through his practice.”

Time and again, he sketches out his interpretation of beauty in the simplicity of the people of Bengal. The artist says, “The inspiration behind my painting is nothing but the space, form, and light. I try to paint the people around me, their attire, and their life. My artworks have great meaning behind them, which cannot be felt by just glancing at them once or twice, you must observe my paintings to feel it. My Babu and Bibi do not wear modern outfits or clothes, they only wear traditional dresses like Dhotis and Sarees.”

The exhibit echoes an evolution of Shaw’s artistic pursuit of over six decades spent creating stories through printmaking, pen and ink drawings, Conte sketches, tempera paintings and bronze sculptures.

The show also presents a documentary filmed in the artist’s studio, especially for the exhibition in Delhi. Shaw talks about his artistic goals, narrates anecdotes reminiscing good old times, his attachment with the city of Kolkata, mentions the challenges he faced, shares his experiences during the journey, and compliments his long-standing affiliation with the gallery.

Where: GF Gallery, Main building Bikaner House
When: 20-24 July, till 6:30 pm


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