The fragrance always stays

- September 14, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Threshold Art Gallery presents the works of Neha Lavignia titled ‘The Fragrance Always Stays’ that shows the artist’s experiment with botanical observations and innate emotions

The exhibition will show the artist’s experimentation, expanding the patience and resilience required to hold a thought or emotion over a period of time.

The Threshold Art Gallery, in keeping with its ethos of introducing artists at a crucial juncture of their career, presents a solo exhibition of Neha Lavingia titled ‘The Fragrance Always Stays.’

The exhibition will show the artist’s experimentation, expanding the patience and resilience required to hold a thought or emotion over a period of time.

These delicate paintings, each a standalone work, are meant to be savored as moments of stillness and careful regard. As poet William Henry Davies said, “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare….”

Artist Neha Lavingia

She resonates with the poet and asks similar questions to herself …. In the push, pull and shove of life, how often do we take time to stand, to stare, to wonder, to feel, to experience?

“When I collect flora from my surroundings, withered or fresh, they become precious to me, they are like memories-stories, which you would want to collect and hold on to like a treasure. As time passes memories tend to fade away, here I am trying to put these memories-stories into a treasure box,” says Lavignia as she explains the inspiration behind her art.

“They tell us stories of living, re-living, breaking grounds, being patient; in the tiniest part of them. Though many things have changed for us in the last two years and things are getting back to normal….. there are things that are not going to be normal, or like before…. but going back to these plants and making drawings of them soothes me. It gives me a sense of normalcy”, she adds.

Before being swept away by wind

Lavignia has done several solo shows across India and in France. Her shows include: The Fine Arts Company, Mumbai in 2012 and Gallery Threshold, New Delhi in 2012, “Noir Blanc” at The Loft at Lower Parel, Mumbai, 2014, “The Bird Project” at Open Studio, Vadodara, 2016, “Parallels” at Kanoria Gallery For Arts, Ahmedabad, 2017, “Drawings Painting Ceramics” at Gallery Art Motif, New Delhi, 2018, “Verdant Memory” at Gallery Threshold, New Delhi, 2018. She has participated in thr VII Biennale Internationale de la Gravure d’Ile-de-France, France, 2009, 8th World Original Etching Triennial Chamalieres, France, 2010.

Neha paints inanimate natural objects in watercolors. For the first time she has also included her experiment with video, an ordinary moment of an ant carrying a translucent wing made extraordinary because of the care and attention afforded it when viewed through the lens. It allows for a pause, perhaps a philosophical segue, as we move about this space, and maybe further into the world. The exhibition will have almost 53 watercolours painted with a single haired brush and includes 2 videos.

Art critic and editor Deeksha Nath says, “It is the vulnerability of line that we first recognise in Neha Lavingia’s paintings, which speaks for the mastery of her skill for it perfectly portrays the fragility of fallen flowers, wilted leaves, dried stems, shed seed pods and slender twigs that are the artists’ archival matter. Nature, by the artists’ own admission, perfectly mimics her own reticence – it is there, without the need for explanations, large statements or grandiose posturing. Nature simply is abundant. It is sublime, romantic, spiritual, ecological – a beacon of humanity’s moods and concerns.”