Third eye – a visual treat

- July 30, 2023
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

A selection of pictures by Ashwini Attri will be on show during the solo photo exhibition, which will be on display for seven days

The artist is well-known for his work that highlights his love of light and darkness

A promising solo exhibition of photographs by Ashwini Attri presents a visual treat for the viewers. It began on July 28 and is set to be on display till August 4.

The artist is well-known for his work that highlights his love of light and darkness, as well as his photographic skills. A selection of these pictures will be on show during his solo photo exhibition, ‘Third Eye’ which will be open for seven days.

Attri, born on December 4, 1958, is a professional auditor from the 1981 batch of the Indian Audit & Accounts Service. He retired as Deputy CAG from the C&AG of India’s office in New Delhi.

An amateur photographer, Attri developed an interest in the pastime throughout his undergraduate years. Since then, he has experimented with photographing nature, monuments, portraits, flora and animals, unguarded moments, and everthing else that piques his curiosity.

While talking about his inspiration for choosing photography, Ashwini told Patriot, “Pursuing photography is my humble effort to capture and share various moods of God’s creations and mankind with the hope of spreading smiles and triggering a few thoughts.”

“It has been an amazing journey through the days of Black and White to colour photography on the traditional medium of film rolls or 35 mm transparencies, and finally to digital images, hopefully the audiences will like the transition,” he added.

When: July 28 – August 4, 2023

Where: IIC Annexe, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi 110003.