Varying palette of life

- July 11, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Visual Art Gallery presents Meena Yadav’s solo show titled ‘Anubhuti’ which explores contrasting and inquisitive art

Photo: Uchaan

The solo art show includes various paintings representing different worlds depicting the dilemma, uncertainty, and countless thoughts surrounding us. The theme is based on the Yadav’s creativity to display a balance of the varying colour palette which transitions from earthy to darker colours, creating room for interpretation for the viewer. It represents both positive and negative aspects of life.

Yadav grew up in Kanpur but spent her early childhood in the countryside and her teenage years in Delhi. For a short period, she was exposed to multiple cultures from different contrasts of society. 

As the pandemic restricted travel and other activities, she tried to look within and started experimenting with her thoughts and imaginations. The uncertainty of the pandemic is visible through her abstract art. 

Yadav says, “I transitioned into abstract from contemporary during the pandemic. I started with one painting in the abstract form and haven’t left it ever since. It appeared to be the truest form of expression I was seeking.”

Through her artworks, she tries to display the nuances of society and the materialistic behaviour of humans destroying natural resources. Each artwork portrays a prevalent issue, deriving insights from her travel experiences. 

Where: Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat  Centre

When: 13-17 July

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