Visual expressions of diversity

- September 2, 2022
| By : Judith Mariya Antony |

With paintings and sculptures, 15 artists from across India present the different shades and tints of India's diversity

A group exhibition titled ‘Aakaar’ and hosted by Kalakalpam, combines the works of 14 artists from all over India. The group has been organising artist camps and exhibitions under the name ‘Art Convergence’ over the last decade. In 2022, the group changed its name and registered as Kalakalpam.

The artists each bring a distinct skill to the group. Aashima Mehrotra depicts the difficulties of independence, inventiveness, and emancipation while painting the  “Distorted Liberation”. Through the intricate use of colour, she aims to illustrate real-world circumstances.

Anoop Kumar Srivastava paints on a variety of subjects, which include the world of our childhood that has been forgotten.

Bhaskar Singha’s canvases give the viewer a feeling of illumination via his transparent technique and use of delicate, fresh colours.

Gurdeep Singh created a wooden sculpture that uses metal to represent the Hindu mythological figure of the war goddess Kali as a symbol of Shakti or Power. 

A talented artist, Kangkan Barman values the originality of conception in his works of art. 

Mamata Samantaray depicts aspects of the adversity faced by rural women by covering their faces with a ghunghat. 

An academic once observed, “Art is the mysterious manifestation of the secret of nature.” Manoj Kumar Sahu draws inspiration from nature for his works as well.

Meenaketan Pattnaik from Bhubaneswar is a figurative colourist. His current artistic focus is on “modern social emotions,” a sociological theory connected to youth psychology.

Rajender Kumar, an artist, has always been driven by force and energy, which has motivated him to infuse his unique pictures and figures with a desire for life. 

Rita Dutta is a sculptor who primarily uses bronze for her creations. She found inspiration in her day-to-day activities.

Sanjeev Kumar Singh is a perceptive observer of societal issues that affect all facets of society, regardless of class or race.

Santanu Sarkar communicates with himself in his artworks. Because he values himself above all else, he rejects the fake affection that others have for him and enjoys conversing with himself.

Where- Lalit Kala Academy

When-  1-7 September