What’s online for women

- June 24, 2022
| By : Jayali Wavhal |

A panel of women -- each expert in their field of study -- will be attending a panel to discuss the boundaries of liberty women have on social media

Photo: Pixabay

What will it take for more women to use social media freely in India? Does the answer lie with social media companies and the protection that they offer their most vulnerable audiences? Does the answer lie with reforming the patriarchal lens through which society, and sometimes the state, views women? Does the answer lie with women – and have we not been able to ask the right questions?
A seminar, titled ‘Women and Social Media’, moderated by Mahima Kaul, Head Public Policy, Bumble APAC will attempt to find the answer to these questions. It will feature panelists like: Abhinandita Dayal Mathur, Advisor, Delhi Government who will speak on Women, Social Media and Governance; Nehaa Chaudhari, Partner, Ikigai Law, who will speak on Policy Issues; Priyanka Kher, Head of Media, Breakthrough, who will speak on Online Safety; and others.

Where: Kamaladevi Complex, IIC

When: 30 June, 6:30 pm