Delhi transport shortlists four research fellows to improve electric vehicle policy

- June 23, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

In order to make the national capital more e-vehicle friendly, transport authority of Delhi interviews different candidates

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Out of the pool of diverse applicants with varied educational backgrounds, four candidates have been selected on 18 June 2022. As per the news agency PTI, an official said that out of the four candidates, two are deputy directors in the EV cell, while the other two are freshers.

Candidates were selected to help the Delhi Government in the decision making process of EV policies, another official added.

According to the official, the selected fellows will help the government with the technologies available and improvement of charging infrastructure as well as policy interventions on the basis of ongoing managerial changes. They will also be researching about the feasibility of using standard batteries and whether they can be exchanged at charging stations.

The official also added that they are exploring whether rules for a uniform charging cord can be made just like the European Union.

One important key factor to ascertain this is to research whether battery charging stations can serve as battery exchange stations and whether batteries can have similar specifications, the official explained.

The researchers will also be involved in comparing e-vehicle policies of other states with Delhi to suggest possible policy intervention.

This has been done with the ongoing plan of Delhi Government to control the city’s pollution. The government has targeted 25 per cent electric vehicles in total vehicle registrations in Delhi by 2024 under its EV policy.

Since the launch of the EV policy in August 2020, electric vehicles account for more than 12 per cent of total vehicle sales in Delhi.

(With inputs from PTI)


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