Yuva Natya Samaroh: A festival of theatre

- January 8, 2024
| By : Tahir Bhat |

Organised by Sahitya Kala Parishad, Department of Art, Culture and Languages, Government of Delhi, the five-day festival will be held at Little Theatre Group Auditorium

Yuva Natya Samaroh

The capital city is gearing up for a week of enthralling theatrical performances as the Yuva Natya Samaroh, a festival dedicated to young theatre directors, takes the spotlight at the LTG Auditorium from January 8 to 12.

Organised by the Sahitya Kala Parishad, this festival has become a significant platform for emerging talents in the world of drama and theatre.

Saurabh Bharadwaj, Minister of Arts, Culture, and Language, Delhi government, expressed his excitement about the event, stating, “Yuva Natya Samaroh is a celebration of fresh creativity in the theatre, and I am proud to see how passionate and committed these young artists are to their work, as they are the future of our cultural landscape.”

“I extend a warm welcome to all art lovers and enthusiasts to join us to support and encourage these emerging artists. Let us collectively celebrate the vibrancy and innovation that the youth brings to the stage,” Bharadwaj said.

Yuva Natya Festival is a key event in the Sahitya Kala Parishad’s event line up. Its main goal is to provide a platform for up-and-coming and young filmmakers, encouraging the development of their skills.

For past couple of years, Sahitya Kala Parishad has organising this event for upcoming artists. In the upcoming edition, five directors specialising in drama and theatre will showcase their Hindi plays, contributing to the vibrant cultural blend of the festival.

Each day two plays will be presented.

Day One –  January 8:

The opening day will witness the captivating play ‘Rang De Bansanti’ written by Bhishm Sahani and skillfully directed by Varun Sharma. This will be followed by the enthralling performance of ‘Jaisa Tum Kaho,’ written by J.P. Singh and directed by Shampa Mandal.

Day Two – January 9:

The second day will feature the thought-provoking play ‘Chehre,’ written by Shanker Shesh and directed by Avinash Singh. Following this, the audience will be treated to ‘Mujhe Amrita Chaiye,’ penned by Yogesh Tripathi and directed by Manisha Malhotra.

Day Three – January 10:

‘Chitralekha’ by Bhagwati Charan Verma, directed by Naresh Kumar, will take the stage on the third day, followed by the compelling narrative of ‘Papa’ by Sunil Raj, directed by Sunil Chauhan.

Day Four – January 11:

The fourth day will kick off with ‘Kandhe pe betha tha Shaap,’ written by Meera Kant and directed by Raghvendra Tiwari. This will be followed by the gripping portrayal of ‘Rejang La’ (The last day of the camp), written by Vivek Mishra and directed by Vikas Ravi.

Final Day – January 12:

The final day will feature the riveting play ‘Savant Aunty Ki Ladkiyan’ a theatrical adaptation based on Geet Chaturvedi’s novel and directed by Sandeep Rawat, followed by Ramanujan written by Pratap Sehgal and directed by Himanshu Yadav.

Talking about the event, Monica Priyadarshini, Secretary, Sahitya Kala Parishad, said, “It brings me great pleasure to see the Yuva Natya Festival continue to grow as an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers”.

“This festival is an ode to the vivid imagination and unshakable dedication of emerging writers and theatrical artists and directors. We believe it’s important to provide these artists with a strong stage on which they can display their talent and to create innovative, dynamic cultural works,” Priyadarshini said.

When: 5:30 pm onwards; January 8 to 12

Where: L.T.G Auditorium, Mandi House