Bright is right this season

- February 4, 2023
| By : Asmita Aggarwal |

As winter recedes and spring sets in, runways are awash with rainbow hues, sheer and ballet core. Slouchy is in and comfort and versatility are the name of the game

This summer is all about experimenting and exploring fun, as well as nostalgic patterns

After two years of devastation caused by the pandemic, we are back to celebrating the vivacity of spring.

But the loss because of Covid and the geopolitical situation due to the war in Ukraine, has left its mark even on fashion. Therefore, the trends that have gradually emerged are both contradictory and conflicting.

“On one hand, there is a return to femininity with an emphasis on boudoir detailing, heart motifs, ballet core, soft-shade tailoring and sheer. On the other hand, consumers are loving the brightness of crystals, tulles and faux feathers. There is also a return to soft fabrics in candy colours, which has been dominating the runway, this year,” says designer Shruti Sancheti.

Young people are also choosing to dress in a “slouchy” way.

As the world tips towards chaos (due to looming recession), this year will be all about forgetting aesthetics and doing exactly what people want — which means neither neat nor stylish. There will be a swing towards deconstructed clothing, holes in garments, and the tattered look.

The pandemic has taught us all to buy sensibly, prefer classics over fads, thus, pick clothes that are season fluid, of versatile fashion, actually devoid of trends andhaving multiple usage. Extended shelf life will be de rigueur.

Chandra Prakash, who runs the label Cocccon, believes 2023 is the year of hope.

“We have survived the last pandemic, and the fashion industry is coming out stronger than ever. It has shown us that we must be more conscious about our fashion choices, and their environmental impact. Not just fashion consumers, but even fashion designers must choose sustainable practices. But first, we must accept the hard reality of the fashion world,” he adds.

The apparel industry is responsible for over 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. That is more than the emissions of all worldwide flights and oceanic transportation combined.

In 2023, we will have technologies that can reduce and reverse these impacts. With artificial intelligence, blockchain, and more, we are now moving towards a traceable supply chain in the fashion industry, where we can ensure sustainability at each step. A greener world will be an important aspect of fashion trends in spring 2023.

“Thus trends this year will be connected to nature more than ever, it will subconsciously make them choose soil tones like the fertile soil, potting soil, cornstalk, and we may see the return of russet orange, lily white, volcanic ash and red clay. We also expect intensity in contrast to a digital universe, moving towards the edge of fluorescence against earthy shades,” says Chandra.

Check, mate!

Gingham checks, the retro staple pattern, could be used in every shape and form. One can have a day dress or a smart summer day suit. Designer Aniket Satam advises people to go for a fresh palette of sky blue yellow, apple green with whites instead of classic red and white or white and black.

“Florals for summer aren’t ground breaking, but they are essentials for sure. This edition, not only are they micro ditsy and artisanal, but vintage and retro, so opt for a bold spring palette of citrus orange, mango yellow or even the WGSN (trend forecasting company) colour of the year Viva Magenta. These feminine patterns look cooler in Y2K style day dresses,” he exclaims.

Dopamine dressing is the new rule. This summer is all about experimenting and exploring fun, as well as nostalgic patterns.

“Go wild with layering bold pops of colours, or even pattern on pattern craziness. Mix dots with stripes or rainbow colour,” adds Satam.

“All of the above trends are sprouting out of our scared times and summer is the opportunity to pep up wardrobes with sunshine positivity.”

For accessory designer and luxury lover Garema Nagpal, spring is always about florals.
Even though glossy magazines may predict trends, wear what accentuates your personality,she believes.

“Trends come and go, and then keep repeating themselves cyclically every few years,” she explains.

Truth be told, no one buys a completely new wardrobe every season, but yes, everyone loves to add a few pieces for either an important upcoming occasion, daily life necessity or even the pure indulgence of retail therapy.

“From what I’ve learnt over the decades thanks to personal experiments, guidance of experts and availability in markets, is to dress according to my body type, skin tone and personal style preference,” adds Garema who began Futurology India, a luxury accessory brand, and is an angel investor at Eattreat.

She says that lifestyle, job profile and comfort matters in the end. In busy city life, what changes from winter to spring is that layers come off. Fabrics transition from thick to medium, before they taper into the summery linens. Colours in store windows become brighter with the advent of fluorescent tints, revival of paisley, and engaging prints start surfacing.

“Accessories amp up the look this season. As garments become lighter, there is space to wear some beautiful danglers and arm bands too,” she concludes.