He started his career with the Oberoi New Delhi at the prestigious Travertino restaurant. From there Chef Amit Singh moved on to Le Meridien New Delhi and then a short stint at Hilton Dubai.  Then he came back and worked at The Leela Palace New Delhi at Le Cirque followed by the Imperial New Delhi. Working in European kitchens gave him the experience to lead the team at Ophelia.

In a candid conversation, he talks more about himself and his work: 

How do you define yourself? 

I define myself using my faith. I always want to learn new things. I try to analyse the situation and do what is right and try to treat people with respect and give everyone a fair chance.

What are you passionate about?

 I am passionate about food, learning, eating, gathering experiences, cook well, enjoy food and travelling to various places to try new dishes.  I also love to share my learnings with the new generation of chefs, to pass that love and passion further.

Your philosophy on food?

Go organic, use seasonal fresh ingredients. 

Your favourite cuisine?

European cuisine.

Your idol?

Alain Passardis, a French chef and owner of the three Michelin star restaurant l’arpege in Paris. He started off as a saxophone artist at a restaurant and was much influenced from the chef. That’s how he started of his journey as a chef himself. I got a chance to work with this culinary maestro at The Leela Palace, New Delhi when he came down for a weeklong pop-up at Le Cirque.

Your favourite spice?

Juniper berries.

Your hot-selling dish?

Chilean sea bass, purple potato mash, cherry tomato puttanesca.

Lessons learnt in the 


Respecting employees, hygiene and safety utmost.

How do you like to de-stress?

By cooking more.

Last meal on earth, what would you choose?

French onion soup      


Duck Pate

120 gm Duck

5 gm Marjoram

5 gm Thyme

5 gm Sage 

5 gm Basil

10 gm Cinnamon stick

10 gm bayleaf

Peppercorn to taste

35 gm Cranberries

35 ml cream

20 gm Soft Butter


Cook the whole duck by using all herbs like thyme sage marjoram 

Add all together to influence the flavour of duck by using braising method of cooking.

Blend them all together and keep it aside to set.

Once the pate is set keep the pate cover by orange glaze and serve with thick toast.


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