Chic place to rewind

To experience a beautiful synergy between the classic and the contemporary, visit United Coffee House Rewind at Epicuria, Nehru Place. A chic, smart and more casual avatar of United Group’s flagship iconic restaurant this Coffee House makes sure it offers the signature dishes of the group which has been holding fort since 1942.

As we settle down at our beautifully set table, Head Chef Priyam Kumar suggests we start our meal with some interesting starters. First off is Mathur Chicken Chaat — which is clay-grilled chicken breast, tangy seasoning with mayonnaise, green chillies, coriander, onions & tomato. Vegetarians should go for Palak Patta Chaat and Railway Cutlet.

We admire the presentation perfectly in sync with old world charm. Retro Victorian paneling and exposed brick is interspersed with period graphics and artefacts. Contemporary chesters, table- tops lined with tiles and sofas are lined up straight for casual dining. One look at the menu and we realise how the Small and Large Sharing Plates on offer complement the casual feel of seating space at Rewind. This is the culture that Rewind wants to promote. Share, chat and laugh — there’s something for every group and for every individual too!

Chef Priyam explains, “While the Small Sharing Plates give you an option to enjoy many dishes at a go without having to worry about getting too full or just a small portion of your favourite dish, they also attempt to connect to the younger patrons with a unique and quirky presentation. The Large Sharing Plates are for bigger groups, promote group dining and are for those who want to opt for multiple gastronomical experiences at a go.”

Next we are served some signature dishes like Railway Mutton Curry: mutton pieces cooked with diced potatoes in a rich curry with coriander seeds, brown onions, dash of coconut milk and dry red chilies. Lahori Meat is boneless mutton with whole spices and red chilies cooked with roasted chana dal, a northwest frontier classic. But what stole the show is Nargis Ke Kofte — whole eggs covered with minced lamb. For steak lovers, Poulet Alexander was the best: herb marinated chicken steak infused with fried egg, napped with wild mushroom concasse, side veggies and chips.

Those who wish to have home-style food can order Sharma ji ka Dabba, Chawla ji Dabba or Singh Saab Da Dabba. Each comes with tawa roti and pickle. They bring a renewed meaning to ‘home food served out of home’. Mains give a plethora of regional Indian choices ranging from Punjabi to Konkani and everything in between. Where regional is the buzzword, do not miss Chettinad Curry, Hyderabad Gosht, Amritsari Macchi and Mewari Paneer.

Oriental Mains present a mix of South East Asian and Asian specialties for the discerning diner who wants to have a good meal but is short on time. Go for bowl meals that are pocket friendly and served quickly, besides promoting group dining.

There is also a savouries section, which presents delightful British club food with comfort classics from Gymkhana, Cricket Club and others like pies, rolls, cutlets, chops, schnitzels and more.
We rounded off our meal with desserts that once again took us on a nostalgic trip of all things good – classic sundaes, apple pie and cheesecake.

The music is from the 1950-‘60s, both western and Hindustani, creating bistro-like atmospherics, evoking nostalgia and sets the tone for your unique culinary experience.

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