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‘Beyond Designs Home and Bistro’ is where you find perfectly cooked European and Asian dishes served in classy cutlery in an arty environment

BLUE GLASSES, vintage chandeliers and golden cutlery — this bistro turns out to be a surprise. Located at MG Road, where all furniture and home décor studios and shops are housed, it spells luxury in all ways. The décor here forms the perfect backdrop for your Insta feed. The food comes beautifully cooked and the service is friendly.

Not to forget, you can even browse through the Beyond Designs store for home décor. There are no doors sealing the boundaries and you enjoy a view of some eye-catching stuff as you bite into delectable dishes. You can buy the paintings, cutlery, sofas, beds and more from this store.

The brainchild of Beyond Designs Co-Founder Neha Gupta, this place is designed to tingle the senses—visual and taste. The menu is a mix of modern European cuisine and Asian fare. Surrounded by paintings and arty accessories, we love the light and easy cane chairs. The white marble top tables have smoothly rounded corners. There is a classic upholstered sofa in one corner, which we shall perhaps occupy on our next visit. It’s a setting that makes you feel good—luxury and quality are the keywords.

Even as we absorb all this, the server comes with the menu. The bistro has a good breakfast variety, and I am told that the co-founder is a disciplined lady with love for healthy food and lifestyle. She believes in the principle of ‘early to bed and early to rise’. The ‘1960 Bistro Brekkie’ with baked beans, sausage, caramelised bacon, whole-wheat toast and salad sounds interesting but my watch says 2 pm. I skip this all-day section and move to the section called ‘Conversation Starter’.

The restaurant manager recommends Kafir Lime Coconut soup — which is served with crispy lotus stem chips. There is thoughtfulness—the soup comes in a warm bowl and is kept on a warm plate—and this impeccable service continues. The soup tingles the palate—the spices are well blended, the aroma of lime is pleasing and the lotus stems go down well with this.

Chef Deepak tells us that all spices are chosen with care. Nothing is pre-cooked,  everything is made when the order comes. And this is why the veggies are juicy, the green fresher and the aroma of spices so refreshing. Even the sourdough that we try later is prepared in-house. Along with this, we enjoy Roasted Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Pastry Rolls, which have a crispy layer and a soft interior, so they simply melt with the first bite.

Any other time, we would have called it a day because we like our meals to be short. But today we are in a new bistro in town and ready to cheat. So, in the main course, we go for Steamed Thai Flavoured Fish and Bistro Classic Korean Rice Bowl. Both the dishes exceed our expectations as the fish is so soft to bite into. Tofu and greens of the rice bowl are perfectly made. It is truly a healthy lunch. We stop worrying about our binge and just let the afternoon roll out.

Becoming slightly greedy, we try the Winterberries and Ricotta on Sourdough Bread-just the perfect bite with a cup of coffee or green tea. There is an interesting beverage called Orange Americano here, which I have noted for the next time. There is also a Kids’ Menu section, for those who intend to go with their entire family.

We end our meal with the Special Peanut Butter Cheesecake, Classic Caramel and Cappuccino. Dessert lovers will love the cheesecake. The menu is large enough to make you want to come back for more, but you have to make sure that you come early, as the bistro closes at 7 pm.

Price: Rs 1,300 plus taxes for two people

Timings: 10 am-7 pm

Address: Khasra No: 432,433, 434, Ground Floor, Sultanpur, (Pillar No 89), MG Road, New Delhi 110030

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