From Beijing streets

China Kitchen has crafted a new menu that scores not just on authentic flavours and ingredients but also on amazing presentation

For a true Chinese dining experience in a contemporary style, The China Kitchen at Hyatt Regency Delhi, fits the bill perfectly. Having served Delhi diners for 11 years, the team of six chefs headed by Chef Zhang, celebrate their specialties with a new menu inspired by Beijing-style street food.

While the menu continues to feature The China Kitchen’s most loved dishes like Peking duck, Gong Bao Chicken, Cumin Lamb and Mapo Tofu, there will be new additions that will include an array of veg and non-veg dim sums, wok fry chili prawn, clay pot chicken, poached broccoli and other delicious offerings.

“With a strong emphasis on fresh ingredients, we have crafted the new menu under the direct supervision of master chefs. The ingredients form an important part of our preparation so in order to retain the authenticity of the cuisine, a large variety of vegetables are grown on our farms using Chinese seeds,” said Chef Zhang.

Each salad in the menu proves his point. There is a lot of emphasis on the look and presentation. The colourful dumplings, each one pleated and shaped in a different way, looked as delicious as they tasted. Chef’s favourite is a must try — a Sichuan-style chicken wonton in chili broth with coriander, peanut and crispy shallots, flavoursome with just the right amount of chili.

If you wish to have a soup meal, Xi-Hu sweet corn, minced chicken, egg white soup with sesame oil and coriander is the best choice as it is a thick Chinese style soup that could be a meal in itself. You can also go for Clay-Pot Xo Chicken. Served with dry bullet chilies flown in all the way from China and prepared in a spicy sauce flavoured with celery, garlic, ginger and green chilli, it is truly the star of the new menu.

For lamb lovers, there is a huge bowl of spicy wok fried lamb stew with lettuce, bean sprouts and Sichuan sauce, just perfect for a healthy and slightly hot palate. How can fish lovers be left behind? They have an option of clay-pot sizzling Kingfish in a spicy sauce flavoured with coriander. The crispiness of the fried fish in a fiery sauce is enjoyable.

Vegetarians need not worry as they have ample choice. For spice lovers, the wok-fried spicy mushrooms with garlic, chili and spring onion, is a must try. Do not miss out on the Shanxi-style belt noodle with diced vegetables, chili flakes, Chinese vinegar and sesame oil. These homemade flat noodles are outstanding and as expected, one of the bestsellers at the restaurant.

Celebrate with The China Kitchen’s most famous offering and chefs’ pride in the menu – the Beijing-style roasted duck. The perfectly glazed roasted duck is carved diligently by the chef in front of the guests. He slices the crispy skin and then makes slivers of the roast flesh.

As per the tradition, the skin with a thin layer of fat underneath, is served with a sprinkling of sugar. Could be a novelty for some, but it is not to be missed. The succulent flesh will be presented as duck rolls, encased in a rice pancake. Again, absolutely delightful.

For your private soirees, five private dining rooms of the restaurant are a unique high point, each named after aChinese province , which incidentally also point to the chefs’ origins – Sichuan, Hubei, Guangzhou, Anhui and Hunan. Choose the room as per your choice of cuisine and music. One of the rooms also features karaoke equipment.

At The China Kitchen you will also get the feel of a traditional tea bar, as the restaurant offers a wide selection of Chinese teas, creating an alternative venue to relax.

Wine lovers should have a look at the specially designed wine wall showcasing an excellent wine selection stored at the correct temperature to suit all connoisseurs.

With an unobtrusive and efficient service, you have enough reasons to have a fantastic time.

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