A treasure trove of antique coins

- September 6, 2022
| By : Aaryan Sadija |

Like history, currency coins have changed shape and Delhi is an exhibition of it

ALL SORTED: A coin seller on the streets of Jama Masjid displays the magnificent collection of antique coins

Besides being a melting pot of culture, Delhi is a treasure trove of antique coins. Currency coins change hands and travel places.

While they are used in our everyday lives, their appearances change over time. Today, antique coins can be found in museums but a variety of old coins are there in the heart of the national capital.

Delhi has a large market of old coins which can be seen selling on the streets of Jama Masjid, Sadar Bazar and Tilak Nagar. These coins can be purchased at a nominal price. The aesthetic coins will please a passionate collector.

“I have all the coins from the pre-Independence era till now. These coins include 1839 One Anna East India Company coin, One Paisa from 1953, 1947 Indian Rupee Coin, Silver One rupee currency coin from 1907, all the paisa that are now not in use and 1989 Jawaharlal Nehru Century coin. I am just selling history and I love to do this,” Devi Prasad, a 55 year old seller from Tilak Nagar said.

A treasure trove of antique coins
Devi Prasad, a coin seller at Tilak Nagar

“I have been selling old coins for the past 30 years, but today I don’t get many customers as many people are not interested and call this trash,” he added.

Interestingly, some of these coins are so old that they cannot be found anywhere in today’s life. Take a look at some of these coins.

A treasure trove of antique coins
Diverse antique coins made of bronze, aluminium and steel


A treasure trove of antique coins
A rare collection of East India Company coins of 1839


A treasure trove of antique coins
Paisa coins that are now not in use


A treasure trove of antique coins
Each packet of coins speaks of a different time


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