Daakroom’s letter writing carnival enthralls Delhi

- October 30, 2023
| By : Tahir Bhat |

Daakroom carnival, held at Gandhi Darshan, celebrates the joy of hand-written letters and art, drawing over 8,000 participants

In a world dominated by digital communication, an event reviving the lost art of letter writing was held in New Delhi.

Daakroom, the letter writing carnival, drew to a close its latest edition at Gandhi Darshan near Rajghat on Sunday. The day-long extravaganza, which attracted over 8,000 participants, transformed the city into a hub of creativity and nostalgia, celebrating the beauty of handwritten letters, stamps, art, and culture.

Heartwarming scene: A mother guides her daughter’s hand over the typewriter keys, passing down the art of writing in a digital age

Enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, including students, teachers, writers, artists, and families, flocked to the carnival grounds, immersing themselves in a variety of activities.

Postal Connections: Kids cherish a moment with the postman

From the Penpal Counter to the Best Handwriting Competition, Letter Writing Competition, Live Calligraphy, Comic Making, Mandala Art, Madhubani & Warli Art, the carnival offered experiences to delight attendees of all ages.

Carnival: Postal booth stands as a symbol of timeless communication amidst modern revelry

Shivani Mehta and Harnehmat Kaur, co-founders of Daakroom, expressed their gratitude, saying, “Seeing the large and enthusiastic crowd today overwhelms us, and we are confident that letter writing will grow in future. We’re really grateful to our partners for trusting and supporting us generously.”

Art: Children dive into creativity and paintings

The carnival also featured music, dance performances, delectable food, and interactive demonstrations from the postal department. Unique experiences like signature analysis, wax seal stamping, typewriter messages, and paper plane flying added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Melodic marvels: Singers grace the carnival stage, enchanting audiences with their vocals

“India Post aims to create awareness about traditional postal services. At a time when digital communication is everywhere, we want to keep alive the joy of sending and receiving physical letters. We want people to appreciate the beauty of postage stamps and explore the fascinating world of philately by supporting initiatives like Daakroom,” said Manju Kumar, Chief Postmaster General, Delhi Circle, India Post.

Preserving heritage: Child enjoying the ancient craft of making mud utensils

This day-long carnival witnessed a postman clearing the letters posted by children from the red letter-box placed at the venue, courtesy India Post. This act not only showcased the essence of traditional postal services but also inspired the younger generation to embrace the art of letter writing.

Reels: Kids watching short clips through bioscope
From clay to canvas: Young student writes on mud utensils
Moments: Visitors admire live portraits
Pencil Pitara: Creative hub at the carnival
Art Of Penmanship: Likhavat Academy Pvt limited offers handwriting improvement and calligraphy expertise at carnival stall
Carnival Views: A glimpse of festive delights
Entertainment: Root skills games stall engages enthusiastic participants at the carnival