Deluge of Despair: More rain worsens plight of people in relief camps

- July 18, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

Despite a slight decrease in water levels since last week, the Yamuna in Delhi has remained ominously above the danger mark of 205.33 meters

<strong>Rising Waters Engulf the Capital:</strong> A powerful image captures the heart of Delhi's crisis as the mighty Yamuna overflows its banks, submerging streets and homes in the national capital. Thousands seek refuge in government-established shelters, but some of these havens are also affected by the rising waters.

Heavy rain lashed the city, which is already grappling with the aftermath of floods, intensifying the fear and uncertainty among people. 

The previous week’s deluge had caused the Yamuna River to surge beyond its danger mark, inundating vast stretches of the capital and forcing many residents to seek shelter in makeshift tents. Even as the water levels gradually receded, another spell of rain has exacerbated the already precarious conditions of the city dwellers.

Despite a slight decrease in water levels since last week, the Yamuna in Delhi has remained ominously above the danger mark of 205.33 meters. The torrential rains that lashed the region from July 8 to July 9, coupled with subsequent showers in the upper catchment areas, caused the Yamuna to swell to unprecedented levels, triggering floods in various parts of the city. On July 13, the river reached a staggering 208.66 meters, surpassing the previous record of 207.49 meters set in September 1978. Even on this particular Tuesday, the river’s level, 205.43 meters at 5 pm, remained a cause for concern. Patriot visited the relief camps, capturing the spirit of resilience amid adversity.

Seeking Higher Ground: In Mayur Vihar’s Yamuna Khadar, floodwaters inundate the relief camp, forcing families to search for safer grounds. Braving the elements, they stand resilient, determined to find dry land for their survival.
Story of Struggle: Meet Prem Kumar, who has lived in the Yamuna floodplains for over a decade. After last week’s torrential downpour, he, along with his family had to abandon their makeshift tents, leaving behind all their belongings. He recounts, “It suddenly started raining. Within an hour, everything got flooded and we had to run, leaving all our belongings. Living here is incredibly challenging, especially with the rain pouring down once again.”
A Ray of Hope Amid Rain: Near the Mayur Vihar metro station, more than 150 makeshift tents provide refuge to evacuees from the flooded Yamuna Khadar. Despite the downpour, a heartwarming sight emerges as the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee arrives to distribute food packets and offer support to the people.
Struggling for Survival: The relief camp inhabitants endure long queues, battling hunger and rain to receive a meal. The image depicts their determination and the challenges they face in obtaining basic necessities.
Clinging to Belongings: Amid the chaos, the camp, packed to the rafters, sees people holding onto their meagre possessions, from pots and pans to clothes hanging on lines.