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If you are one of those who relishes typical Punjabi food, then you must give Khan Market’s Punjabi Grill a try

Unlike the typical loud, opulent décor that one would expect, the one in Khan Market is younger and fresher. The décor is silver themed, a departure from the regular, which appeals to the working millennials as well as college students who normally throng the narrow lanes of Khan Market. With this being just about the only out-and-out north Indian restaurant here, the place is airier and smaller, making it more like a casual eatery rather than, somewhat over-the top-décor of its branches elsewhere.
The menu stays close to the original with all the popular dishes there. There are some interesting recipes with ingredients not expected in Punjabi food. But is the food tasty? Not always as I am soon to discover. Prices are unusually high too, thereby putting the restaurant in the reach of the well-heeled, and not for those on a budget.

As I sit down to taste the new dishes, the first things to land on the table are the papad-pyaaz-chutney triumvirate. This is soon to be followed by a toothsome Chaat sampler (R325) with jowar bajra ki chaat, makki wala dodda, and Delhi’s recent favourite palak patta chaat. The brave Quinoa methi ki tikki (R575) does not impress much, because what it tastes like is alu tikki with a creamy centre, and is not so healthy as well. Tawa asparagus (R695) is one dish that works well because of its simplicity. It has tossed asparagus and peas with simple salt and pepper. The accompanying cashew cream sauce is sweet.

The one dish I am really looking forward to tasting is tawa scallops (R1,895). They are given the same treatment as the asparagus, and cooked professionally, but in this case the beautiful taste gets totally ruined because these scallops are dunked in a similar sweet sauce. It is a crime to dunk scallops in any sauce, let alone a sweet heavy sauce.

The rest of the non- veg starters disappoint too. Raunaqeen seekhan chicken (R675) is limp with an unfortunate texture. Bhatti da Murg (R725) is somewhat competent.

Main course is where the restaurant finds its rhythm. Butter chicken (R645) is superb with a beautifully balanced gravy. It can be easily considered one of the best butter chickens in NCR. Nalli Gosht (R825) is well cooked but the gravy is not meaty which leads me to suspect that the meat was boiled separately and then put in the gravy (though the chef, when asked, denies it). Maah chole di dal (R545) has a nice homely taste lighter than Dal Makhni. Amritsari kulcha (R255) also is perfectly made.
In desserts, Aam Ras Ki Rabri aur Choori (R305) is far too sweet for my taste, but Litchi ki Tehri (R305) is chilled and soothing in this weather.

Visit this place if you are in Khan Market and looking for Punjabi food, and in a mood to spend.
Ratings (Out of 5)
Food: 3.5 | Ambience: 3.5 | Service: 3.5 | Value: 3.0 | Overall: 3.5
Meal for two: Rs 2000 | Alcohol: Yes | Credit Card: Yes | Wheel chair friendly: Yes
Address: 70 B, First Floor, Khan Market, New Delhi.
Tel: +91 9650776600; 011 40079330 n

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