The heat is around the corner ad so are the holidays. Don’t waste these precious weeks, especially as the capital bristles with opportunities

Summer holidays should be spent in having fun while also learning something new. With schools piling up students with homework one might want to look at some activity that doesn’t make you sad with the added heat. Here are some outdoor and indoor options:

Football and basketball

Two games that bring in a lot of money, but which also need a lot of training. So, one could either play just for the fun of it, or start learning right about now! In2sports have training programme for kids aged 3-6 years with a curriculum which focuses on growth, balance, coordination and “most importantly taking instructions from a leader”. It cost Rs 4000 per month.

In2sports has various centres across the city, where it trains people in football and basketball. While you can get enrolled year-round, they have a program especially for the summer at Rs 3500 per month.

Details about their trainers are available on their website ( ) with all the other programmes on offer.


RK Khanna Tennis Academy (Delhi Lawn Tennis Association) The RK Khanna Tennis Academy works in tandem with the Delhi Lawn Tennis Association and provides extensive training facilities to tennis enthusiasts. DLTA was established in 1971, with a mission to rub off ‘A Rich Man’s Game’ tag from Tennis, making it affordable to even those who find it hard to remain in the game due to financial constraints, making it one of the top tennis academies in India.

Facilities: Artificial Turf of international standard, 14 Floodlit Tennis Court, Pool house facilities, State-of-the-art gym, Spa Ms. Rekha

Contact No.

011-26193955, 26176280

Farm 8, Phase 5, Aya Nagar, New DelhiFarm 8 Five Phase V,, Main Entrance Rd Phase Five, Ishwar Colony, Phase V, Aya Nagar Extension, Aya Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110047, India DLTA Complex, RK Khanna Tennis Academy, No.1, Africa Avenue, Delhi – 110029


Always good to be ready to defend oneself, especially with all the bullies around. It will also make one feel confident, and the parents may be interested in this – make one disciplined. There are many offering different styles of martial arts of kids and young adolescents.

Martial Arts Academy of India, at the Community center, Andrews Ganj Extension, offers classes for kids in the age group between 6-11 years of age, charging Rs 5000 for 12 session, three days a week for an hour each. Same for teens from 12-17 years of age at Rs 8000 for 20 session.

For the younger age group, they emphasise on body conditioning exercises, learning Martial arts as a fun activity while practising practical situations.

For the older age group, classes start with body conditioning exercises, then teaching of basic self Defence striking, blocking & evasion techniques and then its application.


Music is the lifeline for many. And plus, who wouldn’t want to be a rock star or play in an orchestra, be a singer-songwriter, or perhaps just sit at home and play the blues? Well the YMCA offers classes in Guitar, piano, violin, drums, keyboard, and even an Octopad, which could bring one closer to that.

Classes are held once every week for an hour. You can check the schedule online (, with classes for various instruments happening on different days. Three months’ fee is Rs 5100 and one needs to bring in their instrument except in the cases for piano and drums. YMCA school of music is at 1 Jai Singh Road, New Delhi -110001

Another option is the Parikrama school of music, an initiative by Sonam Sherpa, the lead guitarist of Parikrama (India’s premier rock band). They teach Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano and Vocals. Classes are held 12 days in a month for Rs 650 each. There’s Rs 500 registration fee for summer classes.  But one can’t learn an instrument in two months so suggestion is you must continue, and then you can even be part of their concert that they undertake called Sound waves, where all their students participate. Its website says that more than 200 of their students have performed over 45 original music ranging from band performances to solo drums and piano recitals.


If you like dancing to the rhythm or have kids who like to then Delhi dance academy is a good bet. Children between the age of 4 to 12 are taught freestyle dancing (a mix of Bollywood, Jazz, Contemporary, physical training, folk dance and Indian classical). Those above can pick anything that’s on offer from Bollywood dance, to hip-hop, contemporary dance, salsa, Zumba and more. Visit their website to learn more ( Monthly classes are for Rs 2,500 for 4-12 year olds. For those above 12, prices will vary according to the dance of choice. Check the website for more information. They are located in Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi.


It’s the best way to beat the heat, and have fun. And it’s one skill that could never be useless. DDA sports complex is scattered around the city and when you find one join its swimming classes for about Rs 1000 a month. There are several other activities on offer, from dance, to tennis, and even Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts), so put yourself out there.

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