Talent Hunt by Anita’s Attic

Anita’s Attic, a creative writing and mentorship programme run by author Anita Nair since 2015 in Bengaluru, has tied up with Penguin Random House with an aim to nurture and empower new literary talent.
“As we prepare to commence the next session of Anita’s Attic on June 30, we are very pleased to announce a partnership with Penguin Random House India,” says Nair.
Anita’s Attic’s aim is to help individuals locate and explore their core strength to write stories in a compelling and engaging manner. The programme is designed to help introduce the participant to the writing process.
“Anita’s Attic has been a launch pad to promote the best talent through agent networking, publishing, and state-of-the-art marketing tools. The format of the programme has already groomed many writers to get their work published,” says Nair.

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